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Job opportunities – ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute), Ethiopia

ILRI Ethiopia jobs

The International Livestock Research Institute or ILRI is an international agricultural research institute within the CGIAR – formerly the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research.

ILRI’s research is directed to improving food and nutrition security through increased production and access to animal-source foods; stimulating economic development and poverty reduction through enhanced livestock value chains and increased productivity; improving human health through improved access to animal-source foods and a reduction in the burden of zoonotic and food-borne diseases; and managing the adaptation of livestock systems to climate change and mitigating the impact of livestock on the environment.

Open Positions

1. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE I (Deadline: 21 Oct 2022)

2. ACCOUNTANT (Deadline: 06 Oct 2022)


  1. I am interested in your Organization. I am Desalegn Negasa from Wollega University, I graduated Bsc degree in Horticulture, MSc degree in Plant breeding and have Associate researcher and Lecturer in position know a day. Have about 10 year experience and 2 year position experience. so please inform me while related job vacuncyes are available.

    thank you

  2. I am interested to work at those NGO. I am graduated in Wollega university with Veterinary science with good CGPA 3.6. So I am happy to work at those concerning organization

  3. I am interested to join you organization.
    I was graduated from jigjiga university, with DVM degree with GPA of 3.81
    I had work experience of more than 7 years in animal health protection as a coordinator in government and private campany

  4. I am nuru ahmed, i graduated from Dilla University in plant sciences now adayes i workes in agricultural reascerch institution

  5. I am interaseted in your organazation.I am mesfin seyoum from haramaya university . I gratueted Bsc in plant sciance.So please Inform Me In Your Organazation Iam very Intersted And I Will Handle Any Issues pertaning to research activity.I Will supply Refrance Person That Can Knaw My Performance Like Dr Dendan Gelmesa

  6. My name is yousf Mohammed ihave diploma in animal since.ihave degree in agricultural economics ihave driving license 10 years working experience iam interested to working ILRI

  7. My name is name is abayineh ayele am interested to work in your organization I was graduate from Gondar university in DVm

  8. I am intrested to join ILRI. I gratuated from Ambo University by hydraulic engineer and i have work experiences.

  9. I graduate from Jimmaa university by Animal science now finish MY class and ready for research work in specializetion of Animal production. I intrested to work with those great Organization.

  10. If you accepted me, I will committe myself to achievement of organization. Thank you for your consideration.

  11. I am interested in your organization. I am Abraham Dinku from Addis Ababa and I have BSc. in applied chemistry and MSc. in environmental science from Addis Ababa university. So I am happy to work at those concerning organization.

  12. My name is halake jarso i have bsc degre on gender and studies from haramaya university and i live in pastoralist area(livestockarea) in oromia borena zone if possible i interisting to work research for women affect for socio economic activities in livestock areas!!

  13. I hold BSC degree in Animal sciense,from Haramaya University.I ,had 7 years experiance,and I were work on poltery production ,as well as livestock project at woreda level ,so i,am interested and hope to carry aut your research on poltery.

  14. My name is muhaba kedir l have BS degree in biotechnology l am so so interested work in livestock research center my research graduate paper is A+ give me this golden chance l am energetic worker also l have Ms degree in biomedical science

  15. I am interested in your Organization. I am Dereje Oljira Kumsa from Horo Guduru Wollega Zone Agriculture and Rural Development office, Graduated BSc. Degree in Horticulture, MSc. in Agronomy with excellent grade in research theirs and Diploma in General Agriculture, zonal level head department now a day . have about 20 years of experience. Please send me through email address derejeoljira68@gmail.com while related job vacancies are available


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