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Career Opportunities at UNDP, Ethiopia.


The United Nations Development Programme is a United Nations organization tasked with helping countries eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable economic growth and human development.

Open Positions:

  1. Regional Technical Specialist for Climate Change Mitigation and Energy -Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Deadline: Nov 24, 2022)
  2. Field Security Assistant (4 Positions) – UNDSS (Deadline: 09-Nov-22)
  3. Reporting Officer (IPSA9), (Deadline: Nov 04, 2022)
  4. Project Officer (Deadline: Nov 04, 2022)
  5. Regional Electoral Advisor (Deadline: Nov 01, 2022)


  1. I am gratuate in University of gonder department of development and environmental management studies I have 8 years experience as community development officer in the same time I worked climate proban area please contact my by my email address

  2. Comment:i I have graduated Bsc dgree by agricultural science and relevant experience by voluntary service and practical site work

  3. I have Bsc degree in civil engineering with zero experienceand I can speak Arabic fluently and I want to work in urban planning at jijiga

  4. I have Bsc degree in civil engineering with zero experience ,I can speak Arabic fluently and I want to work in urban planning at jijiga

  5. J
    Match, 2022 At 2:24 am
    I am so interested to work with such organization and serve my community by my professional.I have master degree in Public health and more than 20’n years work experiance.

  6. Hi there pls any career opportunity related to health and nutrition with 9 years above experiance please contact me

  7. I am fekadu girma from addis ababa i have masters in migration and development 15 yrs service in sgri community development at government office .i want to be employed

  8. Eight years exraince degree in chemistry msc in enviromental science fluently speak english with extra ordinary character please call

  9. I’m interested I graduated comprehensive nursing and BA degire pharmacy profession 5yrs work experience nursing I went this organization

  10. I have complated BAc degree Sociology departiment from Adigrat Univeristy.And I have Six (6)Month Work experience in imagine 1day internatinal organization by Social Worker in GBV case and child protection in Dessie district.

  11. My name is Mudesir Shikkur and I have a BA degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Hawassa University. I have a first degree CGA 3.51. In addition, I am currently studying peace and security education at Ethiopian Civil Service University. I have two years of work experience as a teacher, seven years as a principal and five years as a director of the Peace Building Directorate of the Zonal Department. I am still working as a Peace Building Coordinator. I have the potential to do the best job given the opportunity. I can present the certificates given to me in different functions from federal to zonal because of my effective work.

  12. By and most I would like to thank you and appreciate your apportunity encouragement and initiative engagement for global community and writing this letter to inform you as I have intimacy interest to join and work with your organization effectively accordingly principles verified. I am trained person and have experiance from central statistical agency for two years indeed basically I am principled,focused person,passionate,self-confident,problem solver and open minded person to any thing. I believe in principles and policy initiatives based on the situation we inherited. I am graduated and attained BSc degree in statistics from University with adequate CGPA. So I am grateful for your encouragement and engagement. Don’t hasitate me for additional information:motifufa1234@gmail.com is my email page.


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