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Job opportunities at Farm Africa, Ethiopia


Farm Africa is a UK-based charitable organization set up in 1985 that works with farmers, pastoralists and forest communities in eastern Africa. The charity promotes sustainable agricultural practices, strengthens markets and protects the environment in rural Africa.

Open Positions

1. Project Finance and Admin Officer (Closing date: Jul 3, 2022)

2. Driver for CSA (Closing date: Jul 3, 2022)

3. Inclusive Market Engagement Advisor (Closing date: Jul 3, 2022)

4. Invitation to Bid for Consultancy service on the Generating knowledge on mechanisms for enhancing ecosystem services of Bale Ecoregion and associated Wabe-Shebele and Genale-Dawa Basins (Closing date: Jul 3, 2022)

5. Project Admin Officer (2)- FSD (Closing date: Jul 3, 2022)

6. Project Finance Officer (2)- FSD (Closing date: Jul 3, 2022)

7. Conducting Comprehensive Hydrological Modeling (Closing date: Jun 28, 2022)

8. Community Development Facilitator (CDF)- Metti (Closing date: Jun 27, 2022)


  1. I have Bsc degree holder in Mechanical Engineering &Seven years experience in sugar factory and sugar projects in the position of power plant operator, maintainance super visor and sugar project installation super vision works.

  2. I have Bsc degree in construction technology and management.
    I have good education background and 4years experience in site engineer .

  3. works in partnership with communities, governments, local organizations, international NGOs and the private sector to develop strong rural livelihoods and then share the results of this work with others to achieve maximum impact. it is to interesting to improve Rural farmer and enhance local communities as well as develop the level of awareness creation to the local people.

  4. I am Dr.Muluken Tuke(DVM, MVSC in vet Epidimiology) i am interestedbto do with you and working to improve our farmer livelihood problem


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