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Terms of Reference -Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Job Description

Conducting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Training of Trainers with a focus on Sex Workers program in Ethiopia.

About the organization

Nikat Charitable Association (Nikat) is the only sex workers-led organization (NGO) in Ethiopia, established in April 2010 by 5 women formerly involved in transactional sex. Nikat is registered as an Ethiopian Residents Charity with license number 1758 as per the legislation 621/2009. Nikat however, was first established as a CBO in 2006 named as “Nikat Women’s Association” and in 2010 it graduated to NGO: making the association pioneer in its field.

Nikat is the winner of the “2010 Red Ribbon Award”, on the XVII International AIDS Conference, organized by UNAIDS in collaboration with Letiner Center, The Global Fund and Irish Aid, which was held in Vienna, Austria. Nikat received the award for its outstanding community leadership in reaching HIV+ girls, men and women involved in transactional sex.

Currently Nikat has 5 permanents and 10 temporary employees. Nikat is established with the endeavor to fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia. It has been focused on reducing the transmission of HIV/STIs among Most at Risk People (MARPs) including sex workers and their clients, out-of-school youth, long distance truck drivers, People living with HIV (PLHIV) through the following programs:


Female Sex Workers (FSW) are one of the key populations globally that is vulnerable to HIV. Different reports indicate that 23.8% of FSW are HIV-positive, with substantial geographic variation, ranging from a high of 33% in Mekelle and Bahir Dar to 15% in Hawassa and the overall, HIV prevalence is 0.9% in the country. Ethiopia has an estimated 193,000 FSW and 71% are between 15 & 24 years of age. Most enter the profession from domestic work (44%) and waitressing or working in a bar (37%). Violence is a key driver of HIV and condom non-use in sex work and newer and poorer FSW are more likely to experience sexual violence.

The Ethiopian Government has identified the need to provide services focused on those at higher risk of exposure to HIV, known as Key Populations. Female sex workers are one of these populations. There is also package of prevention activities recommended for female sex workers that has been published by the Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office. For the last ten years, Nikat Charitable Association has been implementing an HIV prevention program for female sex workers, their clients, gatekeepers and other most at-risk populations in Ethiopia. The organization is implementing a sex workers project designed based on experiences and evidences generated from past and current program implementation and in accordance with the government recommendation, with a particular focus on sex worker’s empowerment in the areas of sexual and reproductive health (RH) and family planning (FP).


This consultancy aims to capacity building/training delivery to improve sexual and reproductive health-related knowledge and behaviors regarding HIV/AIDS, STI, family planning, etc. The service provider must utilize the already available sexual and reproductive health materials/training manual developed by the Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office for key populations and build trainers’ capacity.

This consultancy aims to:

  • Adopt and utilize the HAPCO developed training materials to meet the identified end beneficiaries’ needs (i.e., peer mobilizers, outreach workers, sex workers…).
  • Delivery of a 5 days sexual and reproductive health Training of Trainers.
  • Conduct additional desk reviews to collect knowledge and useful training resources that empower the understanding of trainees related to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of sex workers

Duties and Responsibilities

The training/service provider will be responsible for the following:

I. Adopt and utilize the HAPCO developed training materials to meet the identified end beneficiaries’ needs (i.e., peer mobilizers, outreach workers, sex workers…).

II. Delivery of a 5 days sexual and reproductive health Training of Trainers.

III. Prepare and analyze pre-post-test and provide a training evaluation report.

IV. Upon completion of the above training/service period, the training/service provider will provide a technical report outlining:

  • A summary of the training completed,
  • Challenges
  • Recommendations


  • The Training provider will report to the Project Manager and work closely with the Project team. The Project Manager should approve all deliverables.

Payment Schedule

  • According to the market rate, the Training Provider will be paid according to his/her expertise and is asked to submit a financial offer on his/her daily rate. The Training Provider will only be paid upon satisfactory completion and approval of deliverables and upon receipt of signed invoices.


  • The selected Training Provider will sign a contract with Nikat Charitable Association that contains clauses on confidentiality and non-disclosure.

Job Requirements

External collaborator qualifications

  • Extensive professional knowledge in sexual and reproductive health and at least 8 years of experience working in Sexual and Sexual and reproductive health (SRH), HIV/AIDS, Family Planning, and training on SRH related topics
  • Proven experience of developing SRH training manuals and guidelines
  •  Proven experience in conducting Training of Trainer (TOT), engaging with participants, and leading ideation processed interactively and inclusively
  • Good report writing skills
  • Good written and verbal English and Amharic communication skills
  • Experience working with sex workers program
  • Must provide legal registration and business certification on consultancy

How to Apply

All applicants must send their technical and financial proposal to wendmnike@gmail.com  copying surafelsorsa05@gmail.com

The deadline to submit your application is the 28th of November 2022, at COB (Ethiopian time).

Only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.


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