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TERM OF REFERENCE (TOR) FOR AN EVENT COORDINATOR(Consultant/firm) – Job vacancy at GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition), Ethiopia, Ethiopia

Category:  Event Management
Location:  Addis Ababa

Job Description


GAIN was launched at the UN in 2002 to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition. GAIN is a global, Swiss-based foundation that mobilises public-private partnerships and provides financial and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition.  As part of its effort to increase access to affordable nutritious foods among communities vulnerable to malnutrition, GAIN is currently implementing one of its programs called Access to Better Dairy. The main objective of this project is to catalyse market development of the dairy value chain in Ethiopia. This is achieved through technical support to (private) dairy sector partners for the development and marketing of a nutritious dairy product targeting select communities with the aim of improving nutrition.

For this purpose, GAIN has selected FMILY MILK PLC, a local dairy processing company, to process and supply the required dairy products and worked on building the capacity of the company through technical support in engaging with key product development and the demand creation to reach the target consumer. Following this, GAIN and FAMIY MLIK PLC have partnered to develop fortified and an affordable yoghurt that is going to be further enhanced to address micronutrient deficiency in the daily dietary supplement of the target consumers. The affordable yoghurt known as FAMILY FORTFIED YOGURT is added with vitamin and minerals which will be launched into the market firstly in two flavors (strawberry and vanilla) with the primary promotional target of children. The product is targeted to be positioned in kiosks, supermarkets, dairy shops, and door to door/street sales as primary access points for the target consumers.


In respect to the above, GAIN will be supporting FMAILY MILK to organize launching event for its new product (fortified flavoured yogurt) to market under the supervision of the Marketing and SBCC Advisor.

The event is expected to bring multiple government and private influencers and medias together and obtain their support towards product promotion and creating enabling environment. The following are central elements of this event.

·       Press Conference (inviting relevant media to report on all aspects of the product and what it uniquely brings as compared to the rest of the yoghurt category such as being the first locally fortified product in dairy category,

·       Additional audiences will be invited by targeting those who will be key influencers towards the target group (mothers and children). This will include the government sectors (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopian Standards Agency, Ethiopian Food and Drugs Authority, tax related authority offices, research centres etc..), paediatrics association, milk producers’ association, NGO’s with projects on maternal and child health and influential celebrities that are known for family values.

·       Additional invitation of VIP’s to those with the ability to endorse the Platform and report to the media during the event. These include key organizations supporting this project and government institutions in working with this project such as MoA, MoH, Family Milk, GAIN, Sun Business Network Ethiopia, ACCSSA, Danish Embassy etc.

While the above focuses on the audience, the detail proceedings of the event will also be given major consideration. The key activities of the event coordinator will include,

·       Arranging venue that will host both the press conference and the audience for product demonstration.

·       Product demonstration through creative branded setup including side stations for testing, developed brand display exhibition. The event coordinator is to set up a budget for the creative branding aspect and consult GAIN on making the product launch as attractive and engaging as possible to all participants.

·       Organizing product giveaways for participants. Family Milk will provide the product (the fortified yogurt)

·       Have photo and video documentations including live interviews of personal reactions to tasting the product from mothers, children and key influencers and donors to further use in ATL and social media for developing trust for the product.

Job Requirements


Based on the above objectives, the event Coordinator / firm will be responsible for the following:

1.     Ensures smooth logistical preparation and execution focusing on achievement of the following results:

·       Provide staffing of event reception/registration desk /all necessary activities

·       Smooth logistical preparation and execution of the event.

·       Prepare, send out, and confirm invitations for up to 50 participants as per the lists brainstormed with the client.

·       Invite relevant media stations and organize a press conference before the workshop to be reported in news stations.

·       Advise and arrange needed procurements of event packages, venue booking, and other supporting materials and stationeries, prepare list of participants, confirmation with invitees prior to the event.

·       Assist the production of meeting proceedings.

2       To be the person-in-charge in logistics during the launching event, including but not limited only to the following tasks:

·       Participant’s registration

·       Venue and meeting package preparation including meals and lunch for half day event

·       Arrange for smooth and uninterrupted sound and lighting system including projector, stage and backdrop for the press conference

·       Video and photography documentation of the event

·       Ensure Press conference and media coverage before and after the event

·       Any other tasks related to the events activities as delegated by the client.

4.     GAIN’s and its partners responsibility

·       Provide list of participants to be RSVPed by the service provider.

·       Pay the costs for the venue to be booked for the event.

·       Procure venue packages and other supporting materials and stationeries

·       Provide the product for testing and demonstration.


·       1 half day product launching and testing demonstration event with planned program activities

·       1 press conference with relevant media stations (15 minimum from TV, radio and print) as appropriate.

·       An event execution and outcome report at the end with the video and photograph documentation including final edited summary video of event to be provided including newspaper reporting/clippings with listed media agencies and programs agreed with client.


The tentative date for executing these events is slotted in the mid-week of December 2021.



·       Submit no more than 10 pages of technical and relevant financial proposal including detail work plan

·       A portfolio of relevant event planning and execution experiences in relation to this request.

·       Each page of submitted documents should be stamped or signed by the applicants and technical and financial proposals are to be provided separately

·       For any additional clarification request please call to our office phone number – +251 116610088.

·       Quotations and required documents should be delivered in person to our office within 7 working days from the bid announcement date but not later than 8th of November 2021, 5:00 PM.


Here is the link of google map to our office: https://goo.gl/maps/rYbnEuea4U12


GAIN-Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Bole Sub City, Woreda 13

In front of Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy – Moya Foods Co. Building, 2nd Floor

Addis Ababa,



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