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SPIR II Database Specialist

Category:  Information Technology
Location:  Addis Ababa
Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type: Full time

Job Description

Purpose of the position:

The SPIR II Database Specialist will build and maintain complex databases/data warehouses and portal to ensure the integrity and accessibility of large volumes of data (storing over million permanent and unique records) in support of SPIR II, based on the best technology/solutions for data collection, storage, and reporting. She/he will support design and implementation of new database systems, and update/upgrade existing database to handle sensitive and important data. The post holder is responsible to design, install, update, modify, maintain, repair and protect database and systems to meet the needs of SPIR II requirements. S/he is responsible for making sure the database is functioning properly/ working well, and the data is stored properly and backed up while using necessary security measures so that the data and the system remains safe. The database specialist will keep the database up and running smoothly at all times of the week and ensure a seamless flow of information at all levels from the three implementing partners field offices all the way to SPIR II consortium level considering both backend data structure and frontend accessibility for end-users. S/he should be familiar with both closed and open source development platforms and the SQL programming language (writing scripts, procedures, or queries in SQL etc.).

Major Responsibilities:

Database Design, Upgrade, Modifications, Maintenance and Deployment/Implementations

·         Design a complicated database system/warehouse system of high availability and quality with deeper understanding of each of its functional components and how they interact with one another depending on each end user’s and specialized roles,

·         Research and recommend off-the-shelf data integration, data storage, business intelligence (BI), and content management system (CMS) software and cloud solutions plus use of other monitoring & Evaluation data management and reporting tools.

·         Develop and administer a production instance of MySQL on a Linux server running at scale, storing over million permanent and unique records.

·         Create mechanisms to collect data digitally or design (customize) and implement electronic / mobile based data collections (MDC) tools and store the collected data in a relational database or appropriate database,

·         Closely work with MIS specialist to finalize SPIR MIS software design, and ensure its functionality at all levels (including the smooth flow of the data and reports using ODK and other platforms) and play a lead role in integrating the database with SPIR MIS software,

·         Design, install, update, modify, maintain, and repair database/ systems to meet the requirements of SPIR II M&E and related needs and support the processes of MDC data submission using various MDC apps and platforms,

·         Create and implementing a customized database to be used by the SPIR MIS software as per the needs/requirements and tools of SPIR II M&E system and significantly contribute in the writing of the code that allows the application/software to interact with the database,

·         Define different users, create access to database for those right users and enable data distribution to them in appropriate format and in a timely manner

·         Design database elements as required, merging data files, retrieve data for reports and maintain secure data backup systems and also create stored procedures, functions, triggers and complex queries,

·         Handle backlogs, execute the required system or forms updates, upgrades, integrations, uploads, and ensure the smooth data transfer to/from a server,

·         Establish mechanisms to ensure data quality (using OKD/MDC platforms), putting validation rules, skip logic and constraints during data entry and submission of the data, further working with the SPIR team to update and ensure data reliability, completeness, consistency and validity,

·         Responsible for updating the database on a regular basis to guarantee data integrity and for performing checks for quality assurance.

·         Ensure accessibility of the data and database to relevant SPIR staff and use of powerful data visualization tools (like Power BI) for generating dashboard for SPIR staff and management,

·         Ensure the storage, retrieval and security/protection of MDC generated data, data in the MIS and other data

·         Assess current database/system for weaknesses, upgrade it or propose a new design,

·         Support or perform data entry/submission to transfer information, ensure the security of SPIR II data,

·         Provide technical support and training to SPIR II staff as to how to use the database and system easily;


Database Management, Data Quality Assurance and Data Visualization


·         Ensure use of high-speed transaction recovery techniques and backup data, minimize database downtime and manage parameters to provide fast query responses

·         Provide proactive and reactive data management support and training to users and  determine, enforce and document database policies, procedures and standards

·         Monitor database performance, implement changes, maintain it and apply new patches and versions when required, and ensure the database is being utilized correctly and to its full potential,

·         Perform tests and evaluations regularly to ensure data security, privacy and integrity,

·         Establish mechanisms to ensure data quality (using OKD/MDC platforms), putting validation rules, skip logic and constraints during data entry and submission of the data, further working with the SPIR team to update and ensure data reliability, completeness, consistency and validity,

·         Clear old data, integrate new data, and update the database regularly ( to also guarantee data integrity and for performing checks for quality assurance), establish data entry style standards, and monitor data accuracy and integrity, create queries and exports for mailing lists

·         Manage ongoing, year-round updates of Master participant lists (mainly PSNP client registry from government records/MIS and other non-PSNP participants

·         Ensure accessibility of the data and database to relevant SPIR staff and use of powerful data visualization tools (like Power BI) for generating dashboard for SPIR staff and management,

·         Generate data extractions for database to produce report, and support SPIR MIS to generate reports including standardized and custom reports at the required frequency.

·         Consult SPIR M&E team and the management for software purchases and determining requirements for various software programs

·         Provide capacity building/training to users (SPIR staff) on databases utilizations, creating dashboards, data visualizations and its tools (Power BI and other important data visualization tools).


Mobile Based Data Collection (MDC) Support


·         Design (customize) and implement electronic/mobile based data collections (MDC) forms for newly developed data collection tools and update the existing ones as needed

·         Play a lead role in the maintenance, trouble shooting and health check of ODK aggregate servers

·         Provide trainings and refreshers on MDC tools and platforms for smooth data collection and submissions and co-facilitate SPIR MIS training for relevant SPIR staff at all levels,

Manage, administer and monitor the IT infrastructure used to host the technologies used by SPIR

Job Requirements

Qualifications:  Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

 Required Professional Experience:

·         Minimum 10 years of experience in database design/development and management (of which five years are in the development of complicated software and database systems), documentation and coding.

Qualification required:

·         Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information systems/Information technology, computer engineering, software engineering

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications:

·         Hands-on experience with database design, standards and end user applications, and excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity and programming languages API,

·         Strong experience with a variety of development platforms (in both closed and open source development platforms) such as Open Data Kit (ODK) platform ( including different tools in its ecosystem) among the open sources

·         Previous experience with DBA case tools (frontend/backend), third party tools, and source code management technologies

·         Sound experience in database systems (the physical and technical aspects of a database) and on the software that is designed for a specific database application or a set of applications,

·         The ability in project management (by meeting deadlines) for successfully accomplishing the technical development of a complicated database system and software through all of its phases: planning, design, development, testing, release, and ongoing support.

·         Expertise in SQL programming and developing normalized and dimensional data models and ability to program in at least one scripting language, such as Python or PHP, and familiarity with others like Oracle, Filemaker Pro or Sybase etc,

·         Ability to quickly identify user needs, design and test databases, ensure data security, and maintaining

·         Knowledge and use of diverse server environment setup and management/operating systems

·         Problem solving skills and ability to think algorithmically

·         Advanced computer network management and monitoring,

·         Statistical database management systems preferably STATA, Excel, and others

·         Data analysis, reporting and visualization technologies preferably using Power IB and others data visualization tools,

·         Familiarity with monitoring and evaluation performance indicators, tracking mechanisms, tools and business logic and structure

Working Environment / Conditions:

·         Office based with travel to the field

·         Travel: 30% Field

How to Apply

To Apply

Interested applicants are required to Write Position Title on the subject line and attach Current CV with three references & fill employment application form which can be found  http://docs.ethiojobs.net/wve-jaf.pdf ) and email before the closing date of this announcement to  Recruitment_ethiopia@wvi.org or through ethiojobs.net.

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