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Senior Finance Officers(HO)-II

Category:  Accounting and Finance
Location:  Addis Ababa
Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:  Full time
Salary:  As per the scale

Job Description


Under the supervision of the immediate supervisor supervises plans, organize and control financial activities, participates in posting of financial data, participates in the preparation of financial statements and in developing accounting systems check.


  1. Supervises and participates in the posting of financial data to control subsidiary ledgers from accounting documents and records;
  2. Directs and verifies the preparation of financial reports and statements, analyzes past and present financial operations to determine trends on future revenues and expenditure;
  3. Participates in the development, installation and maintenance of systems which provide control of expenses incurred in carrying out activities;
  4. Assists in planning, implementing and directing systems for cost finding and reporting to determine record and report costs of factors which affect operations;
  5. Screen cash advance requests from Area Offices, Sub-Recipients, check for validity which is as per the project agreement  and advice to expedite the  cash release as per the rules stipulated in the Applicant and Recipient Hand Book;
  6. Ensures the application of proper accounting controls and uniformity with financial regulations, rules and policies and procedures;
  7. Verifies that expenditures are properly authorized and charged to correct accounts;
  8. Assists in planning and administering the documentation, classification and recording of financial transactions;
  9. Prepares and checks financial statements, bank reconciliation and financial reports;
  10. Prepares and checks financial statements, bank reconciliation and financial reports;
  11. Maintains capital assets and calculates depreciations as per the rates stipulated in the accounting manuals;
  12. Provides professional advice to subordinates and answers enquiries concerning accounting procedures and policies;
  13. Provides assistance in the conduct of internal land external audit;
  14. Controls allocated budget and reports excess utilization;
  15. Checks the accuracy of financial documents, organize in the proper   manner and file them;
  16.  Ensure proper recording systems, adherences to financial rules and procedures;
  17. Evaluates payment requests before check payments are written and verifies its correctness and appropriateness;
  18. Follow up proper handling of check books and vouchers;
  19. Provides Technical Assistant and supportive supervision to Desk represented Area office finance Team and ensure the Financial Health of the Area office;
  20. Prepare the necessary financial utilization report on the format prepared for this purpose at the end of each quarter and when requested for any other purpose;
  21. Participates in the preparation of annual work programs and budget in the area of assignment;
  22. Operates calculating or other standard office machines in the performance of tasks;
  23. Performs other related duties as may be required by immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements

  1. Education   :    MBA/MA/BA in Accounting or Finance
  2. Work Experience      : 4 years for MBA/MA of which 2 years after graduation in Master degree, and 6 Years for BA degree after graduation, shall possess an extensive experiences in same or similar position in the NGO sector or donor funded project
  3.  Desired  : Knowledge and ability to use accounting software and producing analytical financial reports. Computer skill in relevant software is required.
  4. Skills                           :            
  • Think strategically, good leadership quality  with analytical bent of mind; Good team player and team builder;
  • Interest and demonstrate potential strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, with proven ability to work with financial software packages, such as Sun System, Peachtree,;
  • Strong analytical skill  with qualitative aptitude and quantitative aptitude, excellent numbering and statistical skills, cost-consciousness and strong problem-solving and auditing skills,
  • Advice on appropriate area of improvement, ability to design new way of doing business in order to ensure adherence to standard requirements; ability to make logical and timely decisions ;
  • Excellent report writing and communication skills;
  • Other Computer Proficiency in  MS word, EXCEL,  MS-Access Sun- System software, & SQL etc.;

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send non-returnable applications with CV and copies of credentials and other supporting documents with in 10 calendar days of this announcement to the following address.

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia

Human Resource & Organizational Development Division

P.O. Box 5716

Addis Ababa


Apply through ethiojobs.net

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

For more information about the Association, please visit www.fgaeet.org 


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