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Operations Manager, Horn of Africa – Intertek Ethiopia


Job Description


To assist the General Manager East Africa:

  • Deploy agreed strategy in the Horn of Africa region: Ethiopia, Djibouti & Somalia
  • Spearhead Horn of Africa business development
  • Represent Company across the region
  • Build Company’s awareness in the market and local stakeholders’ relation
  • Ensure Group QHSE & QA/QC procedures full implementation in region
  • Meeting each Country’s statutory requirements
  • Training and developing of local teams
  • Allocate and manage countries human resources
  • Coordinate operations to ensure TQA strategy deployment
  • Timely reporting to GM EA and Group using Company tools


Description of each duty should explain:

  •  WHAT – What is done, Major activities performed in the job.
  • HOW – How is the task done, what method, decision processes, judgements, processes, tools and   equipment are involved.
  •  WHY – Why is the task performed, the reason the main activity is performed.
  •  FREQUENCY – How often is the duty performed (eg. Hourly, daily, monthly, annually, continuously, rarely.)


Business Development and Customer Relation

To grow Company market share, maintain and build customer relations and give input into marketing strategies by:

  • Mapping opportunities in the region and proposed strategy to address its full potential.
  • Interacting with existing Customers through normal customer contact as well as through internal and external social function attendance.
  • Building new relationships with potential customers through networking and keeping in touch with the relevant business environment to identify new customer or appointment opportunities.
  • Giving input from an ATIC Management point of view on the company’s marketing strategies because of up-to-date customer knowledge, knowledge of the industry and developments in the ATIC fields.


Operations Excellence

  • To carry out field operations according to client requirements, instructions and / or Group standard operating procedures, which entails:
  •  Co-ordinating the execution of jobs through the assessment of job requirements and allocating work appropriately.
  • Authorising by way of signature inspection reports and certificates after checking documentation for completeness and correctness based on inspection knowledge and experience.
  • Communicating with Customers on the progress of jobs and solving or discussing job problems with Customers or handling potentially sensitive operational situations with Customers.
  • Answering queries or providing guidance relating to complex or technical aspects of inspection to Customers and the Management.
  • Advising or providing operational information and/ or inspection expertise to management team members where this is required.
  • Liaising with the General Manager East Africa to ensure country to country co-operation in the interest of meeting total job appointment conditions where the case may be.
  • Ensuring that operational equipment is functioning optimally by facilitating repairs of reported faults and ensuring that calibrations are carried as per requirements in equipment files through scheduling, organising the calibrations and checking that the work has been carried out to the right requirements.
  • Ensuring that sufficient equipment and materials are available for the inspection operations and that there are proper stock control procedures in place. It also involves monitoring stock and equipment usages and addressing shortcomings.
  • Ensuring that systems, procedures and standards are set up or maintained in the office to support the rendition of services to Customers within the company’s expectations and parameters and any relevant legislative requirements.
  • Checking and observing the adherence to inspection procedures.
  • Investigating disputes and discrepancies relating to job assignments and compiling official reports of findings and recommendations to Customers through the General Manager East Africa.

General responsibilities

To manage the day-to-day activities of the Horn of Africa region offices, resources (including staff) by:

  • Supervision of staff reporting to the post by:
  • Determining resource requirements for the department based on type of work, location and volume of work within the departments.
  • Managing staff members by setting and communicating performance and role requirements to staff members, orientating newly appointed staff members, monitoring staff’s performances, taking corrective action viz. discipline, counselling, training, coaching, appraising, etc., recruiting and appointing staff and attending to normal staff related matters.
  • Performance management.
  • To conduct safety meetings, to keep personnel informed of occurrences and decisions relating to safety, and to evaluate continually the safety of the inspection and laboratory working conditions and arrange for necessary corrections to be made.
  • Work closely with department staff to keep the 5×5 and 10x culture, values and mission active.
  • General administrative duties.
  • Ensure relevant taxes and statutory payments are prepared and submitted on time.
  • Ensure insurance cover of company property and payment of respective insurance premiums.
  • Liaise with tax advisors, accountants and auditors.
  • Handle financial audits for the offices.
  • Liaise with Bank on payments and related issues.
  • Handle petty cash float.
  • Oversee the debt collection process.
  • The maintenance and update of the tangible asset register    ensuring all additions and disposals are recorded accordingly.
  • Indicate asset type, description, purchase date, purchase price, asset number and location of assets.
  • Invoicing and related issues.


Any other duties as may be assigned by the General Manager East Africa.

Keep the 5×5 and 10x culture, values and mission active.

To carry out any other functions as instructed by the General Manager East Africa, where possible, to ensure that the maximum effectiveness of the Horn of Africa offices. Ensure Health, Safety and Environment work practices within this job function are observed.


  • General Manager – East Africa

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree Engineering, Business Administration, Economics (other if relevant to role)


  • Exposure to results driven fast passed industry (ATIC’s – preferable -, Shipping, FMCG or similar) above 3 years, strong people management experience 3 to 4 years, good knowledge of local statutory requirements, demonstrated business development capacities 2 to 3 years, entrepreneur and self-driven.



AUTHORITY  :  (Outlines the authority the jobholder has to make decisions or take independent action without reference to a superior. Limits of authority may also be included eg. Not permitted to…)

  •  The jobholder works under the supervision of the General Manager East Africa.
  • The jobholder is required to follow standard inspection procedure.
  •  The jobholder requires higher authority to deviate beyond discretionary norms in respect of standards, policies, rules and regulations.


  • Standby duties.


  •  Physically fit for the specifications of the position

How to Apply

 Interested Applicant can send their cv through : contact@eastafricagate.com


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