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Job vacancies at World Food Programme, Ethiopia


The World Food Programme is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations. It is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, the largest one focused on hunger and food security, and the largest provider of school meals. Founded in 1961, it is headquartered in Rome and has offices in 80 countries.

Open Positions:

  1. Staff Counsellor -Addis Ababa (Deadline: 15 Feb 2023)
  2.  Programme Assistant (Hotline Operator, Multilingual- Tigrigna & Afar speaker) -Addis Ababa (Deadline: 05 Feb 2023)
  3. Security Associate -(Dessie and Kombolcha), (Deadline: 05 Feb 2023)
  4. Logistics Officer (Re-advertised) -Gambella (Deadline: 05 Feb 2023)

WFP will not request payment at any stage of the recruitment process including at the offer stage. Any requests for payment should be refused and reported to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.


  1. I want to work within your organization & educational background MA (masters degree) in English. I have been teaching English in high school and preparatory school for eight years.

  2. I want to work within your organization & educational background Diploma in pharmacy technician.
    I have been working as a pharmacy technician with deferent organizations for seven years.

  3. I have Bsc degree by molecular biology and biotechnology I am interested to work with you and my dream to change my in this way.not only by feding also by sharing great idea and to bring psychological change.my acadamic performance is very high and I am graduated from Haramaya university with great distinction

  4. I am interested work in this job NGO/ organization so ,,,, I am also ,,, bcs degree in computer science in dambi dollo university

  5. My name is Desta Gutu Leta.I was graduate from Gambella University by department of disaster risk management and sustainable development .I was finished my education this year(2014) and I will do with you

  6. I am intereste to work in WFP I have Msc Environment and Climate Change Manager, Bsc in Environmental scenes and i have 8 year work experience in project and Environment area

  7. I want to work with you. I have been teaching English for last 15 years in high and preparatory schools. I’ve MA in TEFL

  8. I am so interested to work with such organization and serve my community by my profession.I have master degree in environmental disaster risk management and more than 13’n years work experiance. I want to work on the position of livelihood and NRM.

  9. Yechale kassanew ihave levl 4 coc (diploma in business sector ,accounts and budget service went to werk your compans

    Good but how to get?

  10. i have BSC in disaster risk mangement and sustainable development. I am intereste to work in WFP. i want to work on food aid distribution.

    • I gratuated by geography and environmental studies in arba minch university. i have 8 years exprience by investment office.

  11. My name is Adisu Temesgen.I was graduated from Haramaya university by statistics .i had four years experience as supervisor at CSA.

  12. Comment:I have graduated Bsc dgree by agricultural science and relevant experience by voluntary service and practical site work

  13. Comment: I am interested to worker with the organization /institution of WFO I am first digres BSC social science department of sociology in wollaga university .

  14. I have graduated Bsc dgree by Rural development and agricultural extension and relevant 2 year experience by voluntary community service and practical site work

  15. I am interested working by this organisation, I have Msc in Natural resources Management and Watershed Management & a good experience for this field …

  16. I have BSc dgree with in managment from wollo university and mining engneering from addis ababa university
    I have interest to work in your organazion

  17. I am fully interested to join your organization.I have gratuated Bsc degree in Natural resourse management from Bahir-Dar university.I have also experience starting from root level of kebele and woreda expert.I have also an experience on project coordinator on germany supported project more than 5 year.

  18. My name is Abirham birele i have BA in sociology at mekelle university i have 2 yeares of experence in agricultural extention project and program

  19. I am Bsc degree by Nutritions,Food sceinces and post- harvast technology in Hawassa Universty year of gradutions 2013 so i am interested to work by this organizations tanks

  20. I have Public health digree special epedemiologyist, monitiring and evalouting and controling of Diseases.. now i work as enumirate in WFP shabbele Zone.. please contact me

  21. i a m follower of you and i’m graduted agriculture dep’nt of plant science.So if your organization is want this field you can message me through inbox or email me!

  22. i l
    folower to work. to gratuat to construction technology and management and bussines management two degree ther e is no work at the present pleace join to you vacancies

  23. Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Mesafint Mekonen and I have completed B. Sc degree in chemical Engineering from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University under regular in 2013 EC. with a GPA of 3.07 and also, I have Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation control technology Management from Akaki Kality Poly Techniques College.

    I have a 4-month internship program on recovery over fill and under fill in inspection 1 and inspection 2 project for B.G. I Ethiopia Beer production around Mecox square. This internship helps to me to interact with different employee of the company and develop my communication interpersonal and organizational skill. know I am un intern at info mind solution specifically Dereja.com on call center, Data analysis and communication team starting from August 23 ,2021.

    I am applying this letter for seeking a job in the position of data encoding. I am pleased to work in your organization in a position of vacancy that fit for me.it is a great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours.
    When I read your company, I found that my knowledge and skills are matching with your requirements. I can showcase in my technical skills to contribute to the company growth.

    As a junior, I am strongly eager to learn from experienced organization like yours. I hope my personal quality such as hard working, punctuality and honesty will enable me to acquire more experience. This will also make me very competitive candidate for the position.

    Thus, I enclosed here my CV and other testimonies (copy certificate and educational documents) for further information on my performance. I hope that, I will be one of your good choices. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.

    Mesafint Mekonen Adugna

  24. I have 9 years work experience in different position in the refugee camp like human resource management and property administration, program officer and camp coordinator in RRS /arra

    I have BSC degree by Public health officer and masters degree by MPH and I am female and apricate your organization to give priority for female candidates. I am so interesting to join your organization and have good working relation ship with your organization at filed level with flied staff

  25. I am Abdu Hussen I graduated from Hawassa university in BSc degree in statistics and 3.2 years experience by Budget planning, Monitoring and Evaluation higher expert position. So I am so interested to work with such organization and serve my community by my profession.

  26. I’m graduated by industrial engineering I’m so interested to work with your organization please contact me if my qualification can fit the position suggested

  27. Geremew Tamirat
    Educational background
    Bsc in animal science from Debra Markos university
    Msc in animal production from Hawassa university
    I am very interesting to do in this organization

  28. I am graduate from Bule Hora university by Animal science and I have two years experience and worked with other NGO so I’m interested to work with your organizations.

  29. I Want To Work With Your Organization and Iam MA Student In Migration and development and Iam Working In
    Ethiopian Immigration Office

  30. Dear Hiring Manager
    I have Bsc degree in health from recognized university of jimma and morethan 8 years experiance in different NGOs

  31. I have degree in social science and i have exprience of job in education. I have learned community based training program as one course. If possible i want to join the organization.

  32. I have 1st degree in Business mght &Masters degree In MBA I have an experience of more than 10 years in different biggest organisation . And I have different training
    At different program session.

  33. I am graduate from wollaga university first 1st degree department of sociology, I have interested to working with organization.

  34. I want to work with in your organization.I have degree in economics.have more than 12 years experience in different govenment oraganzation.

  35. I’m graduate of Msc in Agronomy & I’m highly affiliated by your job fields & engagement of your humantarian assisting works of your organizations. Please, help me to hired & serve in yours marvelous organisation.

  36. Hi. I am Gebru from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. I have a MA degree in P. Economy and it is directly releted with Economics. I saw the advertisement for the Open Program policy officer position with World Food Program (WFP) and I would like to provide you with a brief description of my qualifications. Therefore, I am very interested in the Policy Officer position being offered by World Food Program (WFP) and I have the skills, experience and training you are searching for in an applicant. I have prepared a CV and How can I apply it?
    Thank you indeed for your valuable time.

  37. I am fekede i have MA Education Policy and Planning inaddition i have 11 year expriance in school director i neef to worke in your organizatio

  38. Gebru Kebede April 21, 2022 At 5:07 pm
    Hi. I am Taeshome kebede from Ambo , Ethiopia. I have a BA degree in Development management and it is directly releted with HRM . I saw the advertisement for the Open Program Administration Assistant ,Specially Service Agreement Level-5 and I would like to provide you with a brief description of my qualifications. Therefore, I am very interested in the Administration Assistant ,Specially Service Agreement position being offered by World Food Program (WFP) and I have the skills, experience and training you are searching for in an applicant. I have prepared a CV and How can I apply it?
    Thank you indeed for your valuable time.

  39. I am Tesfanesh Takele from Debrazeit Ethiopia, Bsc degree in Food & bio process Technology. I am 9 years experience.

  40. I am interested with this campaign
    And I have BSC Degree in Biology with 7yrs
    Working Experience.
    If you invite me to their campaign
    I am so interesting.

  41. I have MA in Health Psychology
    So, I’m interested to serve in Nutrition and HIV officer
    But I have no NGO working experience
    In government office I worked for 16 years

  42. As I mention my name below I graduated from Ambo university by dep.of Narm and I am working in adea berga woreda Disaster risk management office for six year ,so I am responsible everypost your company in My line concerned.

  43. I am interested work with our organisations. I have bachelors degree in psychology and I have 2years work experience.

  44. I have high passion to work with you! I have agriculture, management & Administration education background and I have work experience on the position of project manager, Project director, capacity building expert, Agricultural expert and MEAL manager for the last 14 years.

  45. I have Bachelar of Art Degree in Accounting&Finance From Bahir Dar University with CGPA of 3.43
    my interest is very dipest to work from your organizatio WFP;Ethiopia
    I have 4 years work experience in accountant

  46. I am Interested to work with your organisation in Tigray region and I have B.A degree Accounting graduated from Bahir Dar university. I work in Gambella region more than 10 years by Finance

  47. I am interested to work with your organization in amhara region and i have BA degree in departement agrofrestry from hawassa university.

    • I have gratuated in BSc degree in Pediatrics Nursing with 3.90 CGPA.I experienced in CMAM at SC,OTP and SFP more than 5yrs.I have experience in ART Focal & Care Provider and Clinical Mentorship concerning on ART.And also I have worked at NGO/PADet in Community Engegment Facilitator and Outreach Nurse concorning on TB/HIV Collaboration and HCT services.Totally, I have more than 10yrs experience.So,I want to work at NGOs with my best experience concerning on Nutrition and TB/HIV serving the communities hounestly. Thanks!!

  48. WFP is very interesting nonprofitable NGO It always serves People on drought,famine and so on,so I want work with it to serve the Communities hounestly.

  49. I am interested to work in your organization in Oromia Region &I have BA degree in GIS/Geographical Information Science from Hawassa University

  50. Comment:I have graduated Bsc dgree by agricultural science and 8 years relevant work experience at livelhood in agricultural bureau

  51. dear/madam
    I earned MSW /Master of Social Work/ 2021 in the field of Social Science and BSC Nursing, 2011 at Gondar University and Diploma 2004 in Jimma University [Medical laboratory technician]. i have worked in Government Health Centre, Privet clinic, Blood Bank and NGOs since July 2004, till the present. I got good knowledge and skill towards Nutrition, TB, Kala-Azzar and HIV/AIDS and I had also worked with different activities like, Research Nurse and Research Laboratory Technician, IPD Nurse, Data Entry, pharmacy/dispensary/ and Basic Nursing Care to all admitted patients.

    my experiences in different organizations gave me an immense knowledge on the practical aspects like, community mobilization, staff management, and plan, organize, and report timely the duties to the line manager. Since, April 11, 2022 to May 31, 2022 I join to the Emergency project IMC on the position of TSFP Supervisor at Dansha field office.

    I always discharge my duties with respect to the organization that i worked the present Project-Code of Conduct in a very strong sense of responsibility, determination and commitment. Moreover, I firmly believe that my education, work experience and personal qualities make me a perfect candidate for the position of any job.
    Behailu Desalegn Assefa

  52. I am eagely wish to work with WFP.
    I have graduated from Hawasa University with Rural Development and Family science on 2009 Gc
    Now i working in SOSCVE as a Position of Entrepreneurship and Employability Specialist

  53. I have bounderless knowledge which is very powerful catalyst for the achievements of melinium development goals and new sustainable development goals….and I have graduated from mettu university degree in nursing…living in dire dawa

  54. I’m the master of third eye and I have bounderless various degree of enlightenment and I have experienced the whole experiences…for my flight skies upon skies are available!!!

  55. I am Endalew, motivated and conscientious person who pays attention to details. I am competent, responsible and very interested to work. I am also believes in team work and adding value. One of my strongest competencies is my ability to manage several tasks at the time, this and my motivation in personal professionals development makes me ideal candidates for this position.

  56. I am mulugeta abera and i have been gratuated water resource and emplyed CRS partnershiopworking in WASH and emeregency respose as coordinator .
    If you selcted i am interseted to jhoin WFP

  57. My name is Anteneh Tadesse Ayalew. I have MSc degree in Applied Human Nutrition from Hawassa University. I have more than 10 years experience in nutrition and related works. Now I have been working as associate researcher in nutrition at Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) at Jinka Agricultural Research Center (JARC). Promoting nutrition sensitive agriculture is our main task here. I am fully interested to work in your organization.

  58. Comment:I am interested working by this organization,I have BA degree in sociology .I graduated from Hawassa university & I have 8(eight) years work experiance.

  59. I have a great interest to join and work in your organization. I have a BSc Degree in food science and Post harvest technology from hawassa university.I am resourceful and highly dedicated person with a great organizational ability to work under pressure with excellent time management skill.

  60. I have an interest to work with you since I have an experience in hazard profile identification in NGO and in a university as a lecturer with MA level. So employing me in your institution is an asset .Thank you.

  61. I have an interest to work with you since I have an experience in Ethiopia custom communication 3 year. So employing me in your institution is an asset .Thank you.


  62. I have graduated from Jimma University with BA degree in Accounting and finance with CGPA of 3.65 with great distniction and worked in a bank for 3 years and working in Ethio telecom now as a sales supervisor. so I want to be a finance expert in your organization please offer me

  63. I have MSc in Developmental economics, BA degree in economics and Diploma in accounting also have deriving license. So, i want to join your organization and work freely.

  64. I have MSc in Developmental economics, BA degree in economics and Diploma in accounting also have deriving license. So, i want to join your organization and work humanitarian principles. Thank you

  65. Helloo. i’m interested to apply. i have BSC in Rural development and MSC in Rural livelihood and Food security. I am living at Dessie. Please inform me is i can qaulified.

  66. I have interesting to do in this organization and I have a BSc in agriculture and an MA in development studies(rural livelihoods and development). I doing different organizations and I have eleven years of experience. If possible I will happy to enjoy this organization.

  67. My name is shibiru Dabala Guto. I have MS.c in development economics. i have interest to those organization. so if i gets this opportunities i do. inform me in my email. CGA 3.83

  68. My name is Robsa Gelalcha. I was graduated from Haramaya University with the Bsc in Food technology and process engineering, CGPA 3.33.
    I would like to work with you. I have computer skills:MS office(word, exel and Power point) and language skills( English, Amharic and Afan oromo).

  69. I graduated in Applied Statistics from Arbaminch University and got a master of science in Population Study/Demography, specialization in reproductive health with an outstanding achievement from Addis Ababa University College of Development Study and Center for Population Study. I have more than ten years of professional work experience in Data Management and Analysis, Planning and Information, and MEAL positions. I have skills and knowledge in designing data collection tools, data management, and analysis using statistical analysis software such as R, STATA, SPSS, and SAS.

  70. Name koang ruot lul (gambella man) I was graduated with ma for project leadership and management. I like to work with you

  71. My name is Zelalem Beyena Dibaba
    I am fully interested to join your organization.& I had BA and MA (Master)degree in civics and ethical studies from Ambo and Wollega university respectively . I need the job, if You select me.thank you!!.

  72. My name is habtemariam eyayu I am fully interested to join your organization and I had BA degree in Natural Resource Managment from Asossa University i need the job,if you select me.thank you!!!

  73. I am so interested to work in your organization, I have MAS in Accounting and Auditing and Mac in Public Financial Management and I have more than 20 years work experience s as an Auditor.



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