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Job vacancies at WHO (World Health Organization), Ethiopia


The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. The WHO Constitution states its main objective as “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”.

Open Positions:

  1. Administration & Finance Assistant, G6 -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 6, 2022)
  2. National Professional Officer/Public Health Officer (Deadline: Nov 28, 2022)
  3. National Professional Officer (Non-communicable Diseases), (Deadline: Nov 25, 2022)
  4. National Professional Officer (Family & Reproductive Health), (Deadline: Nov 25, 2022)
  5. Country Preparedness & IHR (CPI) Officer (Deadline: Nov 21, 2022)
  6. Coordinator (Strategic Health Policy & Planning), (Deadline: Nov 21, 2022)
  7. Health Economist (Deadline: Nov 21, 2022)
  8. Project Manager (Strengthening of Primary Health Care), (Deadline: Nov 19, 2022)


  1. I’m learned Information Technology I’m gratuated from Debre Birhan university. I’m interested for this good idea thank you for all!

  2. Tadesse misew i gradtuted adigrst department ofgeography gpa 3.56 work exprianve 2yers plan budjet monitoring and evalution expert

  3. Name tadesse misew i graduting adigrat university in geography and environmental studies GPA 3.56 and i have two years work expreance in plan budjet monitoring and evalution profesion or expert

  4. My name is Samuel Tesfaye I have Masters of Business Administration in Accounting & Finance also I have a BA Degree in Economics and have an Experience in Compliance Audit in Financial , Performance & Tax Audit so if there is a related position to my educational background & experience I am welcome to work with international organization.

    • My name is Jemal Roba graduates of Gobder University on July 21/2009 with Economics holding BA degree .After graduation I had been employed at Regional Road sector by Coordinating a programme called URRAP(universal rural access road) which is financed by the world Bank.Again in the year 2013 I have MA chance and re enter University regularly for two consecutive years and graduated on July 19/2014 with MA degree from Ethiopian Civil service University with Public Financial Management and again I had been re-entered road sector on the position of Planning,Monitoring and Evaluation at Zonal Level as zone URRAP Coordinator.Again on September 12/2018 I had been employed at Asella Town Water Supply and Sewerage Service Enterprise on Second Urban Water Supply& Sanitation Projects Financial Management Coordinator ,which is financed by the World Bank by Earning Monthly salary of ETB 23,741.Therefore if you give me chance of joining this International Organization I could have service of all round starting from my experience of previous International level Organization.

    • B.SCin Nurse,BSC in nutration and MSC in App.human nutration at 2022 Behardar Universty
      Working exp. more than 6 yr. In healthy office at differnt
      Officer and

  5. I’m Tadale Zawude I graduate from ambo university I’m nursing student and fresh gragulation in January 14 2022 so I’m interest for this position

  6. My name is Alemayehu Teferi Gudata from Ethiopia. I have graduated MSC in biology from Addis Ababa and Bsc health education and promotion from jimma university. And also I have 18 yrs of experience in teaching. So now I want to join WHO job in health related and any others.

  7. I really wants to work for WHO, I have a long years of Finance experience in different NGOs. I would be happy, if I get a position in your organization at Finance department SNNPR, Hawassa Office.

  8. My name is Teferi Tadesse. I have Bsc degree in biology. I want to do in WHO because healthy is very essential.I was graduated in 2021

  9. My name is Hadji Aman graduates of Gobder University on July 19/2002 with public heal diploma, from Haramaya university on Sept 30,2014 Bsc degree in nursing .After graduation I had been employed at MoH as woreda head, thena s health center director, employed and working in INGO CARE Ethiopia, Action against Hunger and save the children international starting from community based service to the senior maanagment level on different position of leadership, supervisory and management. I have exprience in working on different fund sources such USAID, ECHO, the royal Netherlands, and GAC for more than 14 years. Therefore if you give me chance of joining this International Organization I could have service of all round exprience of managing community based health and developemnt program starting from my experience of previous International Organization.

  10. An outstanding organization such as yours has been engaged in social and humanitarian development challenges facing the poor and marginalized groups in order to improve the wellbeing of society at large and for sustainable development. Hoping that I am highly motivated and interested to write this letter in favor of your organization
    Based on my professional career therefore, I am very gland to apply to your position for which my qualification is relevant. In addition, I am free to work and travel at any time and place. In enclose a cope of my Masters of Arts Degree and I make available others my entire documents as requested.
    If I am appointed to the vacancy, I assure you that I shall try my best to give you entire satisfaction

  11. I have police science diploma, electronics communication level 4 police management BA degree, and 17 years experience in Ethiopian federal police different departments

  12. My name is Diriba Sura I Graduate from Addis Ababa university College of commerce I have 14 years work experience in financial accounting in different organization If give me chance Ido with my skill and experiance

  13. I am Endalew, motivated and conscientious person who pays attention to details. I am competent, responsible and very interested to work. I am also believes in team work and adding value. One of my strongest competencies is my ability to manage several tasks at the time, this and my motivation in personal professionals development makes me ideal candidates for this position.

  14. I am Gedefaw meharie.I graduated in 2021 in project planning and managment at Debre markose university in msc progam. I am interested working in your organization.I am appointed to the vacancy, I assure you that I try do my best to give you entire satisfaction end goals.

  15. I graduated in purchasing and supply management,in Geo_environmental science(BSc),Environmental geology and geohazard(MSc)and in Civil engineering (BSc) from addis ababa university, i have 8yrs work experience.I want to join any UN office to work.

  16. my name is samuel abdisa mitiku i have bsc degree in sociology with 2 years exprience .i graduated from assosa university with gpa 3.35

  17. Indalu Taresa I’m graduated from madda walabu university by BA economics in 2019 I’am interested to work in this grad organization

  18. I was graduated from Hawassa University in BSc nurse and I got my Msc in Adult health nursing form Jimma university by 2012 since then I have been teaching from mettu university now I am lecturer and also, I got the rank of assistance professor due to my experience and different publication I published on reputable journals.

  19. I have MPH in epidemiology and Public Health from Bahir Dar University, I have 12 work experience of this 6yrs is part of working NGO, Now I am Working in Pathfinder international Ethiopia, I levearges my best effort to your organization.

  20. My name is Chala Damtew Bekele.I was graduate frome wallaga university in June 2011.am graduate with in medical laboratory technologist.now am working in Nekemte confirensive specialazed hospital.my experience is ten yrs (10) and five (5) month.


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