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Job vacancies at Plan International Ethiopia


Founded over 80 years ago, Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters, and partners. Headquartered in the UK, Plan International works in a total of 75 countries in AFRICA, ASIA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, and the NORTH AMERICANS

By actively involving children, and working at the grassroots with no religious, political, or governmental affiliation, Plan International unites and inspires people around the globe to transform the world and make positive lasting changes in children’s lives.

Open Positions

1. Project Management Systems Specialist (Deadline: 10 July 2022)

2. Programme Director (Deadline: 10 July 2022)

3. Country Lead Accountant, Poland – Ukraine Refugee Crisis Response (Deadline: 8 July 2022)

4. Country Lead Accountant, Romania – Ukraine Refugee Crisis Response (Deadline: 8 July 2022)

5. Change Readiness Manager (Deadline: 6 July 2022)

6. Head of Mission, Ukraine Refugee Crisis Response (Deadline: 6 July 2022)

7. Communications Specialist (Deadline: 6 July 2022)

8. MEAL Coordinator (Deadline: 6 July 2022)

9. Emergency food security and livelihood project manager (Deadline: 6 July 2022)

10. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Specialist, Poland – Ukraine Refugee Crisis Response (Deadline: 04 July 2022)

11. Gender Equality Project Specialist – Maternity Cover (Deadline: July 04, 2022)

12. Cash and Voucher Coordinator (Deadline: July 04, 2022)

13. Emergency WASH project Manager (Deadline: July 04, 2022)

14. Supply Chain and Admin Coordinator (Deadline: July 04, 2022)

15. Emergency Program Implementation Manager (Deadline: July 04, 2022)

16. AAP Specialist – Ukraine Refugee Crisis Response (Deadline: July 04, 2022).

17. eLearning Designer/Developer (Deadline: 3 July 2022)

18. Human Resource Officer (Deadline: 02 July 2022)

19. Health and Nutrition Officer (Deadline: 02 July 2022)

20. Health and Nutrition Nurse (Deadline: 01 July 2022)

21. CMAM Assistant (Deadline: 01 July 2022)

22. MHPSS Officer (Deadline: 01 July 2022)

23. Midwifery-IYCF Nurse (Deadline: 01 July 2022)

24. Community Development Facilitator (Deadline: 01 July 2022)

25. Hygiene Promotion Assistant (Deadline: 29 June 2022)

26. CMAM Officer (Deadline: 29 June 2022)

27. Child Protection in Emergency Officer (Deadline: 28 June 2022)

28. Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Officer (Deadline: 28 June 2022)


  1. The job is attractive but sometimes difficult to apply
    and to fill the application make it easy. You always ask work experience or related work experience. This makes you unable to recruit people with high potential and fresh mind . This and so fourth make it tiresome to join the job. If possible take these all in to account.

  2. My Name is Belay Girma I have degree graduated by agricultural economics and above 15 years of work expirience for GO and NGOs so that i am interested to apply for your organization posted vaccancy announcement M&E coordinator.

  3. my name is Endashew Hailemariam i have msc degree in chemical engineer and also i have 2 years exprance with production superviser in food complexy industry with quality mangment of raw materials products and entire industry and waste mangment system.

  4. some my good backgrounds are published
    1′ I have a good understanding in sugar industry in woji shoa.
    2′ and also i have worked in reaserch of recycling of usde motor oil first Bsc degree.
    3′ finally i have worked in reaserch of rural water purifcation by using cost effective mechanism means by using charcterized silver nanoparticles.

    • i’am interested to work with your organization, and i have BA Degree In Accounting and Finance with one years expernice .

  5. I have taken all necessary courses in accounting and finance expert in competent aspect of your organisation and following mission and vision strategical as well as respect rule and regulations of Ethiopia teaching and curriculum .I hope that I feat to your position for which the organisation’s assistants and I take any responsibility for any reason.i want to serve your company the best.

  6. My name is asaminew wolde i have ethiopian degree by geography and environmental study and i have three year work expriance

  7. I am interested to work your organization and also i am graduated from debremarkos university with BA degree in accounting and finance

  8. My name is Ahmed Harun Ibro. I have Bsc degree in electrical and computer engineering and also i have three years experience with leader and technical or distribution system in water and energy office with quality management and techitial of power distribution system of generator and installation of civil work of water drink by design work

  9. I am interested to work at your organization. I have completed BA dgeree at Wollega University in Social Work department with 3.55 final result .
    You Can contact with me by this E-mail =megbaru hodmogn@gmail.com

  10. I’m interested to work in your organization.I have completed BASc Degree at Haramaya University in GIS department with 3.19 final result .
    You Can contact with me by this E-mail =chalagezu430@gmail.com

  11. i was gratuated in governance and development studies in july 2021 and i have certify with in community based treaning program phase 1&2

  12. I have graduated Bsc dgree by agricultural science and relevant experience by voluntary community service in different way and practical site work experience

  13. I am interested to work in your organization.I have completed BASc Degree at jigijiga University in software engineering department with 3.68 final result .
    You Can contact with me by this E-mail =adina4lalibela01@gmail.com

  14. I am interested to work in your organization.I have
    completed BASc Degree at Debre Tabor University in
    Electrical and Computer engineering (Computer Stream) department with 2.68 final
    result . i graduated 2021.

  15. my name is agernesh Fentaw molla. I have msc /master in accounting and also i have thriten/13 years experience with leader and procee owener or revenue office with quality management and I have computer skill and cirtfcate beside petere accounting .I am intersting work in your organization.

  16. I am interested to work in your organization.i completed BAsc Degree at Arba minch university in water resources and irrigation engineering

  17. I am from Pakistan. I have done master in agriculture. I offer myself for agriculture related position. I also served as WASH Coordinator in an NGO. In emergency and relief I served for 5 years and in rehabilitation and development I also have sound experience.

  18. My name is Abyot Lake. I have Bsc Degree in Agronomy With experience of 11 years at Gevernment and NGO as an Agronomist and IFAD Project Coordinator Successfully. I’m interested to join on your org on tittle of ‘Livelihood Officer’ at Amhara Project Area. I’m tried to apply through your application format in different way, but it is not accessible. ‘Thank you for your consideration’

  19. I was gratuated in development mgt in july 2012 and i have certify with in community based treaning program phase 1&2

  20. I am know work on fayyaa integrated Development organization on the position of social worker so i have gate and work on case management so if there are any vacances on your organization please tele me

  21. I have BSC in water resource and i have being working in CRS partnership IN a pstion of project cordinator in WASH and also i have moret han 4 years in this partnership by WASH at bahirdar area .i have intersting to jhon in these satff by WASH coordinator if you have being selcted as pssible .
    Mulugeta abera
    WASH project coordinator

  22. I am interested to work with your Organization . I have BA degree in public health ( senior public health officer.) with 11 years work experience .


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