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Job vacancies at Oxfam Great Britain, Ethiopia

Oxfam Ethiopia jobs

Oxfam is a global community who believe poverty isn’t inevitable. It’s an injustice that can be overcome. We are shop volunteers, women’s right activists, marathon runners, aid workers, coffee farmers, street fundraisers, goat herders, policy experts, campaigners, water engineers and more. And we won’t stop until everyone can live life without poverty for good.

Oxfam GB is a member of international confederation of 21 organisations working together with partners and local communities in the areas of humanitarian, development and campaigning, in more than 90 countries. 

Open Positions


2. Talent Management Coordinator-Rolling base (Deadline: Oct 18, 2022)

3. Invitation for an Expression of Interest (Deadline: Oct 5, 2022)


  1. My Name is Samrawit Alemu and graduated from Bahir Dar University BA in Logistics and supply chain management. Do you have any entry-level job opportunities in your company, please?

  2. My Name is Medhin Kasu and graduated from Jimma University in Hydraulics and Water Resource Engineering.is there any entry level job opportunities in your campany please?..and am happy to join your campany.

  3. Hello! everyone? I’m fine. Please, Contact me by my email, if you have any vacant category in Environmental science and/or Water Resource Management!

  4. Hello! Everyone? I’m fine. Please, contact me My email,if you have any vacant category in accounting and finance.and MA masters of business administration!

  5. My name is Mohammednur Abdella I graduated from debre markos university by natural resources management degree and I am interested to join your company and I am surely working with as it orders and I am fastest to learn what new and I have skills to learn from other so I am change and success your goals

  6. In my experience I have been studied courses involved environmental science, sociology, ecology, environmental economics entrepreneurship, wildlife conservation , irrigation management, biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, water conservation, energy conservation, project management,soil science ,hydrology , ecotourism and so on

  7. My name is Andinet wondimu lguradated from Ambo university by Bsc Agricultural engineering and i interseted to join your company

  8. My Name is Meles matiwos I Graduated From dilla university Bsc in natural resources management &, also From Another College By disaster Risk management and Sustainable development, in my experience I have been participate and studied Gis,Gps Eagle poin softwere as well as concerning Community development trainning and so on,therefore i am interested to join in job vacancy in position what involving me! thanks

  9. I m interested ..I had passed bsc agriculture from Nepal if any vacancy is available in my level plz respond me

  10. My name is Mohammed Ahmed Hassen I graduate from Jimma University B.A educational planning and Management then MA or masters Haramaya University educational planning and Management ,. I am interested join job vacany positions what involving me !thanks


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