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Job vacancies at Mercy Corps Ethiopia


Mercy Corps is a leading global organization powered by the belief that a better world is possible. In disaster, in hardship, in more than 40 countries around the world, we partner to put bold solutions into action — helping people triumph over adversity and build stronger communities from within.  Now, and for the future. We help people overcome poverty and conflict. Working with communities, we leverage local logic to help people transform their lives. To grow more food, earn higher incomes and ultimately advocate for their needs. We see global challenges as an invitation to pioneer innovative, sustainable solutions. During our 34-year history, our work has improved more than 170 million lives in more than 115 countries around the world.

Open Positions

1. MSD OFFICER – LIVESTOCK/CROP -Jijiga (Deadline: Nov 12, 2022)

2. MSD OFFICER – LIVESTOCK/CROP -Diredawa (Deadline: Nov 12, 2022)

3. MARKET SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER -Jijiga (Deadline: Nov 12, 2022)

4. MARKET SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER – Diredawa (Deadline: Nov 12, 2022)

5. Communications and Learning Manager (Deadline: Nov 12, 2022)

6. Crisis Response Officers (Deadline: Nov 12, 2022)



9. MSD – Crop Production Officer/ Agronomist (Deadline: Nov 7, 2022)

10. MSD – Natural Resources Management /NRM Officer (Deadline: Nov 7, 2022)

11. Area Manager /Head of office (Deadline: Nov 7, 2022)

12. Logistics Assistant (Deadline: Nov 7, 2022)

13. MSD – Agriculture Specialist (Deadline: Nov 6, 2022)


15. MSD – Irrigation Officer (Deadline: Nov 6, 2022)

16. MSD – Livestock Production Officer (Deadline: Nov 6, 2022)

17. Peace Building and Social Cohesion Specialist (Deadline: Nov 6, 2022)

18. MSD – Finance and Employment Opportunities Specialist (Deadline: Nov 6, 2022)


  1. My name is Adisu Temesgen.i was graduated from Haramaya university by Statistics .I had four experience as supervisor at centeral statistical agency.

  2. My name is Eshetu H / Mariam and I graduated with a degree in accounting from Bahri Dar University.
    I am currently working as a Public Procurement Director at a government office.
    In total, I have over 18 years of work experience.

  3. my name is Tilahun Azene i am graduated from Maddawalabu University by forestry,and i have 3 years experiance in EBI and now i am teacher in mekedela amba university.please inform me if there is vaccancy.

  4. I have degree in educational planning and management and i am leading for primary school in principal job title and i have 4 years of exeperiances .

  5. My name is Ali esmail Mohammed I have degree in rural development and agricultural extension also I have degree in accounting and finance also I have advance diploma in animal production and marketing management with coc certificate I am available to send my CV and resume to your office I want to apply your position to posted from your organization emergency officer ihave sufficient experience I was work relevant field department

  6. My name is Zemetu Zekarias Mena, I am very interested to be the staff member of your Organization and Work with in SNNPR of Ethiopia, Now I am working in Rural Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP_5) in LHCP as monitoring and evaluation officer in Gofa Zone with experience of 3 yrs.

  7. I’m Firaol S.(DVM, VETERINARIAN) I have two year of dairy farm experience and worked with SPANA Ethiopia when I was at apparent for one year, Really I want to work with Mercy Crops to support farmers regarding my expert on livestock. I also Have Ba degree by accounting which support you finance office.

  8. I have BSc midwifery with 1o years expreiance with NGO s and I certified with different traings ,again I have BA by business management (degree) if your organzation accept me ,I can fit with great deal for your suceed . Thank you

  9. My name is Ashenafi Getaneh & I have M.Sc degree in Environmental Health Science & Technology from Jimma University and B.Sc degree in Chemistry from Adama Science & Technology University. Generally i have 9 years work experience in the area of WASH expert and renewable and improved domestic energy distribution team leader at Water and energy sector. Please inform me that, if there is vacant position mutch with the above profession and experiences.

  10. My name is Ytayal Almaw.I have Bsc degree in Statistics from Woldia University and also have Bsc degree in management from standard college .I have three(3) years data enumerator experience in the area of agricultural sample survey ,Informal sample survey ,industrial sample survey etc.Please inform me ,if there is vaccant postion in your organization .

  11. Hello, My name is Benatfenta Hailemichael. I have BA degree in accounting and also i have Bsc in applied maths. I am interested to join your organization.

  12. hello,my name is yoseef makuriya .i have BA degree in accounting and finance .i am interested to join organization

  13. Hello ,my name is yoseef makuriyaa .i have BA degree Accounting And Finance At debremarkos university .i have 4 years Exprience in the Gujii Zone Finance.i am interested to join organization

  14. I have have diploma nurse,experiance 5years in AMESA medium clinic,Tijo&Digalu woreda.,treatment child adult, mother,etc by I can care good condition.

  15. My name is Hana Gonse and I graduated with a degree ( BA) Geography and environmental studies from Bule Hora Unversty GPA 3.31 I am currently studing Hawassa Universty with aMA apply populution and development planning the studing proces are ends of class now here research . ln total l am very intersting your organization.

  16. My name is Tihun Nigusse I graduate with diploma Accounting & Sport ande graduate Gambella openo poly technical college/1_4 coc please call me at your Vacancy’s…..

  17. I have BSc degree in animal/livestock /production with GPA 3.98, I have also 12years of experience .generally leg want to join the project to do each activities success fully


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