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Job vacancies at Islamic Relief, Ethiopia


Islamic Relief is an international relief and development charity founded in 1984 with its headquarters in Birmingham, UK. As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, Islamic Relief promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities – regardless of race, religion or gender. The office officially started its operation in Ethiopia in 2004. Islamic Relief Ethiopia (IRE) is operational in the Somali Regional State with a base office in Hargelle, Elkere, Bare and Dekasuftu, Afar Regional State; Ewa and Gulina, Oromia Regional State; Chiro and Meayso and an additional operational office in Addis Ababa.

Current vacancies:

  1. Senior Logistics and Admin Officer -Somali, Ethiopia (Deadline: Nov 29, 2022)
  2. Logistics and Admin Officer -Yabello, Oromia, Ethiopia (Deadline: Nov 22, 2022)


  1. My name is Yazid Gali Haji sali i am graduated in department of geography and environmental studies from Hawassa university i am interest to get job opportunity from your organization

  2. My Name is Mohammed Abdo from Ethiopian please Negelle Borena graduated accounting in riftvaly university 2021 I am internist to get job opportunity u organizations

  3. I am Mekiya Sani
    Graduated veterinary Medicine at Meklle University in 2014 G.c
    I have 6 years experience in Abbatior at different position. Which are animals procurement, quality and production head,iso system tram leader and overall Abbatior Manager.
    Appreciate your reply.

  4. My name is Yusuf awel Abdi from eastern harargee oromia ,Ethiopia, so i have degree geography and environmental studies from Addis Ababa university. I am interesting to join your organization.

  5. My name is Ararso mohammed Abrahim….. ihave bsc degre in electronics and communication engineering studies at adama science and technogy university ….. iam interesting to join your organization

  6. my name is telila Bayisa lechisa.I graduated from haramaya university by agricultural engineering so I have great interest to employ at your organisation so I believe that you contact me!

  7. my name is Mulu zenebe Msc degree in Agronomy from Haramaya University and i have 15 years worke experianc in the field of Agriculture in west Harerghe Chiroo wereda Agriculture office

  8. my name is Mohammed Amin Addus nursing degree From Rifty valley university harar and i have 6 years work experience in field nursing management of kombolcha city

  9. My name is Abdu Mohammed I have 7years above worda coordenetrs working Experience NGO in BSC Agricultural economics . I have interested Islamic Relief works.

  10. My name ia Abdi Aliyi Sali .I have msc in energy economic from Haramaya university and have 10 years experience in different positions. I have interested to work in your organizations

  11. My name is Mudesir Shikkur and I have a BA degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Hawassa University. I have a first degree CGA 3.51. In addition, I am currently studying peace and security education at Ethiopian Civil Service University. I have two years of work experience as a teacher, seven years as a principal and five years as a director of the Peace Building Directorate of the Zonal Department. I am still working as a Peace Building Coordinator. I have the potential to do the best job given the opportunity. I can present the certificates given to me in different functions from federal to zonal because of my effective work.

  12. my name is Mekiya yesuf I want to job in qfar religion
    I have BA degree in sociology and I have one yet experience in world vision/NGO/

    • My name is Mekiya Yusuf husan
      I have a BA degree in sociology and Environmental studies from dambi dollow university. I have a first degree CGA 2.51 and
      Ihave one year of work experience in NGO (world vision ) I have a potential to do best job given the opportunity.I can present the certificates given to me in different functions from federal to zonal because of my effective work.

  13. I am Arega Kebede Ali. I have BSc degree in public health officer from dilla university and Mph Msc in epidemiology from haramaya university. I have a 9 yrs exprience in health center with many different trainings and exposures. I have best understanding in childhood illness and Malnutrition with a certificate from MSF spain(ngo). I have good data collection and analysis skill. I am eager for new job.

  14. My name is Abu Alako i have Graduated by Disaster risk management and sustainable development department
    I took relif course as my major course and i have experience related with relief
    Am punctual and honest
    I took training about employment skills,project management training and communication skills
    If you accept me i Will solve the problem that may unsolved


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