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Job opportunities at International Rescue Committee – IRC, Ethiopia


The International Rescue Committee, one of the world’s largest humanitarian international NGOs, provides relief, rehabilitation and development support to vulnerable people and communities over 30 countries. We began work in Ethiopia in 2000 in response to severe drought in Ethiopia’s Somali region and are currently providing assistance to Ethiopians and refugees in six regions in Ethiopia, implementing emergency and development programs in health, water and sanitation, economic recovery and development (ERD), women’s protection and empowerment, education, child protection, and multi-sectoral emergency response.

Current vacancies: 

  1. Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Officer -Somali (Deadline: Dec 6, 2022)
  2. Finance Manager -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 4, 2022)
  3. Child Protection and Education CPE Assistant Coordinator – Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 4, 2022)
  4. Senior Finance Officer-Risk and Compliance -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 1, 2022)


    • I would like to work with you
      My department is water resource and irrigtwoation Engineering and I have two years experience.

    • I have graduated in accounting and finance from Mandela Amba University for CGGPA 3.72 l have interested work in this organization but l have no experience

  1. My name is Haleke Dida Haleke I needed to apply your vacancy I have 1 years ngo expeincy my department is accounting and financy

  2. MY Name is Baymot Mamo i have 3year experience in civil Engineering and also i have 10 year working Experience in marketing promotion and linkage .i want to join your organization .please help me to join your organization thank you

  3. I am so interested to work with such organization and serve my community by my professional career.I have master degree in environmental disaster risk management and more than 13’n years work experiance. I want to employ on safe programing officer.

  4. I am very interesting working with organizations.I graduated by BA degree by accounting and finance and I have Nearst to three work experience Debub Global Bank.sowilling to coming soon your organization. Thank you for hearing me.

  5. I have graduated in a Master of Public Health, and I have work experience as an Area Program coordinator, system strengthening specialist, Zonal nutrition coordinator, Field officer, Community-based newborn clinical officer, and clinician ( Health officer) for the past 16 yrs.
    I have interested to work with your organization if there is any job related to my educational background and experiences.

  6. My name is Adam Mengistu i am fresh graduate from Adama Science and Technology university in Applied biology with CGPA 3.85. i interested to apply.

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    My name is Adam Mengistu i am fresh graduate from Adama Science and Technology university in Applied biology(Bsc)with CGPA 3.85. i interested to apply.

  8. I have graduated Bsc in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering I have interested to apply your organizations
    CGPA 3.25

  9. This is to tell the detail information of my self.
    Name: Mosisa Bayesa Negawoo
    Qualification: Bsc in Natural Resource Management with CGPA.3.45
    MA in Development mgt with CGPA.3.55&good research result.
    Institutionof graduation: Bsc from Jimma university & MA from Oromia State Universyity.
    Experience:3yrs Rural land mgt at woreda level as expert& 2yrs the same sector as leading and 1yr at woreda level as leader of the micro and small Enterprisesector.
    Therefore, Ihave good attitude to work with groups and also Ihave awillingness to work with your arganization.

  10. I am mulugeta kassa kebamo I have MBA degree in Business Administration by specialized in project management and BA degree in Educational Planning and management EDPM and basic computer training in different software. in addition to this I have 11 years work experience in different NGOs including EAKBC-WDA as project coordinator.

  11. I would like to work in your organization so, i am interested my qualification /education status BA Degree in Cooperative/Business Management awardede with St. Marry’s University my GPA 3.14

  12. I am interested to work in this organization i have Bse midwifery CGPA 3.59 and have 3 years clinical experiance and have different recommandation and recognition certificates.

  13. My name is motuma tolesa bekena I have BA Degree Economics I’m interested to work with your organization!!

  14. Asmera Tilahun Kebede l have graduated Masters of Business Administration /MBA/ from Wollo University .I am interested work in this organization but l have no experience .


  16. My name is negash seifu.l graduated from woldia university in department of political science and international relations

  17. May Name is tedros Birhane G/tsadik I have MSC by computer science I graduate from Ambo university Hacaalu Hundesa institute of technology I want to work with your organization and have No Experience because I am fresh graduated Bachelor 2021 and thank you for all

  18. Correction:I have first degree in Accounting&matketing,Autorized Accountant an exellent financial experience now i am selfemployed&looking finance managerial postion.

  19. My name is halake jarso i have bsc degre in gender and development studies from haramaya university i interest to join your organization

  20. My name is Wondimu Worana i have BA degree by management from Hawassa University with GPA 3.61 I interested to work with this organization

  21. My name is Netsanet Birhanu I have degree graduated by physic apply and giving PGDT 2 year and 6 mouth work expirice for GO and NGO so that iam interested to apply for annoucement Eduction officer

  22. I have BA degree accounting.my name is Ibrahim Nesre Ali. I want to work with you.this is My dearm..I have six work experience teaching physics government.l have five years teaching physics. In RRS.I have BSC degree physics.also I have PGDT certificate.


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