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Job opportunities at Hope Enterprises, Ethiopia


Hope Enterprises, which was stablished in 1971 as a pioneering national NGO, has been serving the needy through transformational investment operating seven projects and a university college in six reginal states. HOPE involved in holistic human development with concrete interventions by ways of basic care, education, vocational training, job and business mediation and values development.

Open Positions

1. Librarian (Deadline: Aug 26, 2022)

2. Hope Enterprises (Deadline: Aug 12, 2022)

3. Area Project Manager (Deadline: Aug 12, 2022)


  1. My name is Wondimu Worana I have BA degree by management with CGPA 3.61 from Hawassa University and I also to work with this organization when i get chance .

  2. My name is Abayneh Bogale. I graduated my (TTI) teaching certificate and Diploma from Debub teachers College by Teaching in English language, and BA degree in Educational planning and Management from Dilla University and my MA in Educational Planning and Leadership from the same University. I worked Three years in Sidama Development Corporation (SDC) by Road construction project as a Gung chef position and 5years and Five months as primary school language teacher . also, 5(Five)years as school principal and 5 years and Five months as school cluster supervisor. Totally I have 19 years work experience. now I am working in Government education sector as secondary schools supervisor position .
    In my past experience I have acquired the skills of good planning, coordinating and implementing of project activities ,Human recourse management and well knowledge of working with individual for successes of organizational goal. Based on this my educational background and work experiences at different responsibility level, I count myself as highly eligible for this vacancy position . I am seeking to join your organization vacant place also I would like to inform that I am ready to join your organization according to your organization rule and regulation. I will look forward to hear from you.


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