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Jobs at GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) GmbH, Ethiopia


We work to shape a future worth living around the world. This is GIZ’s vision and long-term goal. GIZ provides tailor-made, cost-efficient and effective services for sustainable development.

Our model for success is a better life for everyone and purposeful tasks for our employees. For more than 50 years, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), as a company of the German Federal Government, has been supporting the implementation of development policy goals worldwide. Together with partner organisations in 120 countries, we are involved in a diverse range of projects. If you want to make a difference in the world and develop yourself in the process, you’ve come to the right place.

Open Positions:

  1. Civil Peace Service (CPS) Advisor (m/f/d) for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) -Hawassa (Deadline: Feb 27, 2023)
  2. Knowledge Management Advisor -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Feb 19, 2023)
  3. Development Worker (m/f/d) to support Cooperative Training in Ethiopia’s Automotive Sector (Deadline: Feb 12, 2023)
  4. Junior Procurement and Contracting Specialist -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Feb 12, 2023)


  1. I am Mihiretu Shirko. I have MSc in agronomy. I have expriences in teaching, trIning and field work. Also I have expriences in adminstration and preaching.

  2. My name is Bethelhem Dereje , I came from Sweden and I was working in private hospital as a nurse assistance and I am experienced with other jobs too . Thanks.

  3. Iam Zerihun Berhanu i have bsc in surveying technology. Ihave experience teaching in tvet and also ihave road construction site experience

    • lam melese belaygizaw i have bsc in agricaltural economics i have experiance 5 years in agricaltural proffission 2 years ooffice head

  4. My name is Eskender Abebe,I have BA degree in Governsnce and development studies.l working in Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute in Jimma Agricultural Research Center as a Human resource manger from 2002 G.C

  5. I have BA in Accounting and I have eight years experience in UIIDP and I have total 23 Years experience at all in other government office.

  6. My name is Dagninet Asmare Mulu. I have BSc degree in Biology and MSc in Ecology. I have six years experiance by rural land administration and use.

    • My name is Hasen Tuna i have BA in land administration and surveying from haramaya university and more than 3 years experience . I had worked in Organizations for child development and transformation and haramaya urban land administration and uses offices .so please invite to your organization.i believe working strongly with team.

  7. Asefa Tafa Ariti I have BSc degree in natural Resource Management and MSc in environmental Science ,I have 16 years expreiance in agriculture and irrigation as well as environment.

  8. Asefa Tafa Ariti I have Bsc in natural resource management and MSC in environmental Science and 16 years experience in Agriculture and irrigation as well as environment

  9. I have BA Degree in business management and have experience and on working addinstration and finance leader on constration

  10. My name is AdisuTemesgen .I was graduated from Haramaya university by statistics Bsc also I had four years experience as supervisor at centeral statistical agency if there is a vacancy I enjoy it.

    • i have to Bsc in construction technology management and also othet degree to bussines management at the present is there is no work pleace to join to you

  11. I am young Entomology Researcher with 3 years work experience and 1 year research team head experience in Addis Abeba Ethiopian Forest Research Institute

  12. My name is meskerem abera i had gratuated from Us unuversity college an acccounting and i had 6 years experince with an auditor now in this vaccouncy annuncemnt i enjoy it thank you very much

  13. My name is Ferewe W/senbet Iwas graduated from Ambo university by Marketing Management Bsc I had more 5han five years experience as Accountant in Government organization. thanyou for all.

  14. am Minale ketemaw, I have Bsc degree in Animal science & have 5 and more years experience as animal husbandory and production coordinator and is now serving as instructor at acertin federal tvet college

  15. My Name is Dita Jado Geda I have graduated Bsc in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering from Bule Hora University i have interested I have interested to apply your organizations

  16. My Name is Hailemariam Sentayehu I have Msc in Agricultural Economics and have been working experiance in cooperative promotion expert and support GIZ(PFM , SLM) by coordinating through technique with Agriculture office

  17. My name is Getahun Tadesse I Graduate from Jimma University with BSc degree in Plant Science and again also BA degree from Oromia State University with Economics.

  18. My Name is TIlahun Mekonen I graduate by accounting and public finance from oromia state university in this time to do by accountant in robe poly technic college so I am Hope to do their organization

  19. I am Aman wenso I have BA degree in Rural Development and Agricultural extension.I have work experience community mobilizer with eight year as well as project monitoring and evaluation and if you invited to your organization I have interested

  20. My name is Ebisa Negasa Guteta, l have Bsc degree Civil Engineering from Mettu University please help me.

  21. My name is Eshetu H.Mariam Gebre I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Bhir Dar University and have over 20 years of experience in various government departments and currently work as Director of Public Procurement Administration at the Addis Ababa City Administration Land Development and Management Bureau .

  22. My name is Geleta Ayana.. I have MSc in Biotechnology With 18 years experience. Teaching and different organization manager. I wish your organization because I have plant Inoculation system.

  23. Minalu Elias from Hawassa Ethiopia. I have Master of art in peace and conflict studies. in addition i have relevant long experience in the field of teaching

  24. iame biniyame from adis ababa ihave master of business adminstration ihave 12 yerse experyanse naw iwork minstriy of aducation

  25. I am Melaku Hafebo MA in Rural development and BSc in Rural Development and family sciences (RDFS) with 15 years project work experience.

  26. I am Muluken amare. I have MSc in GIS. I have experiences in 11 years, training and field work. and also, I have experiences in surveying.

  27. I am Debebe Geneme, I was graduated with project planning and management with masters from mizan Teppi University on September 2020. And also I am currently working on CCEGC asphalt road construction as project public relations head.

  28. Name Demisu Tsegaye I have BA Degree in Geography and and Environmental studies from DTU, and MS.c in Environment and Sustainable Development from AMU in 2021 both are regular program have been finished.

  29. I have BA degree in Economics & MSC in development Economics. I sufficient work experience in leading & professional work. I’m interested in Monotoring and Evaluation Expert (M / f/d) EU Support to Puplic Ginance Managment Reforms.

  30. My name Sied Hassen I have BSc.degree in plant production and protection.Ihave 10 years experience in Government organization(3 years) &Non governmental


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