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Job opportunities at FH (Food for the Hungry), Ethiopia


Food for the Hungry (FH) is a Christian organization serving the poor globally since 1971. We reflect the love of Christ in short-term emergency relief and long term work to end world hunger.

When you partner with Food for the Hungry (FH), you’ll be serving the poor in two ways. FH responds to help shelter, feed and clothe survivors of natural disasters. FH also does long-term development work with the poor to transform impoverished communities into healthy, productive places for children to grow.

Open Positions

1. Senior Grant and Contracts Officer (Deadline: July 08, 2022)

2. NRM and Environment Facilitator (Deadline: July 08, 2022)


  1. I once worked in your organization as emergency food distribtuter with my deploma at zeway adami tulu. This first incident has oppend the way to other NGO jobs. Now i have MA in project managment and over 12 years NGO work experience in different settings.

  2. Iam interested to work with your organization
    I have Bsc from Odaa Bultum University in Agricultural
    And I have many works experience in Livelihood officers

  3. I have BA degree from Addis Ababa university in accounting
    I have MA degree from bahir dar university in business administration
    I am PhD candidate from china university in international relations .
    i have 14 years leadership experiences


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