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Job vacancies – ATA (Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency)


The ATA is a strategy and delivery oriented government agency created to help accelerate the growth and transformation of Ethiopia’s agriculture sector. The Agency’s mandate is focused solely on improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers across the country []

Current Vacancies:

  1. Director – Women and Social Affairs -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 05, 2022)
  2. Senior Project Officer II –Institutional Support for Seed Systems in Ethiopia (ISSSE) -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 04, 2022)
  3. Senior Procurement Officers (x2) -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 04, 2022)
  4. Program assistant -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 04, 2022)
  5. Finance Officer -Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (Deadline: Dec 02, 2022)
  6. Senior Director – Hawassa; SNNP Region (Deadline: Dec 01, 2022)
  7. Junior Officer–Event and Communication -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 01, 2022)
  8. Senior Project Officer II – Crop Value Chain Development -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Nov 26, 2022)
  9. Director, Communications -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Nov 26, 2022)
  10. DREAM – Irrigation Director -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Nov 25, 2022)
  11. Senior Project Officer I – Agricultural One Stop Shop (AOSS) -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Nov 25, 2022)
  12. Project Officer-II 8028 Farmers Hotline -Oromia (Addis Ababa), (Deadline: Nov 24, 2022)
  13. Program Assistant – Oromia (Addis Ababa), (Deadline: Nov 24, 2022)


    • I am passionate,self confident of my career,open-minded person,principled and disciplened so interested to join and work effectively with your organization.Please invite me on the position you displayed publicly. I am excellent in MS,excel,SPSS SAS and correlated with computer tweeting through email and message. I am also excellent at data analytics,monitoring and evaluation and data management.

    • My name is Mengistu Sime Melka I have BA in Accounting with CGPA 3.86. 3 year experience. I am interested to work with you. Please give me this chance.

  1. I have MBA from DebreMarkos University 3.74 GPA and more than 3 years experience procurement officer , agricultural INPUT loan supply and distribution officer and revenue tax audit officer lam interested work with you please give to me chance.

  2. I have BA Frome Arba Miche university Agro Business andvalue chain mangmet 2.54 GPA ande more than 3. 5 years experience douchmetion officer, anther BA degree Business mangmet 3.70 GPA Ehtiopse college lam interested werk with you please givet to me chance.


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