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Jobs at Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations (CEHRO)


CEHRO is a local CSO which was registered on the 16th of March 2018 (re-registered as per 1113/2019 with registration number 3932). From its establishment, CEHRO has been determined and working for the advancement of human rights protection in Ethiopia by creating a common platform for human rights CSOs to articulate their voices and launch well-articulated and evidence-based advocacy. CEHRO works to expand the space for human rights CSOs and continue engagement with stakeholders’ building the capacity of existing and emerging human rights organizations to ensure effective human rights and democratic governance works. CEHRO as a consortium is an umbrella that reaches CSOs to engage, participate in the productive development and realization of democracy and human rights developing in the country.

Open Positions

1. Trainer (Deadline: Aug 17, 2022)

2. Consultant (Deadline: Aug 17, 2022)


  1. I am interested if your organisation consider my application. I have MA in Development studies & BA in Civics and Ethical Studies.


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