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Job opportunities at Mastercard Foundation, Ethiopia


We seek a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper

Our work is guided by its mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion for people living in poverty. One of the largest foundations in the world, it works almost exclusively in Africa. It was created in 2006 by Mastercard International and operates independently under the governance of its own Board of Directors.

The Mastercard Foundation works with visionary organizations to enable young people in Africa and in Indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work []

Open Positions:

  1. Head, Program Operations Pan Africa Programs -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Jan 09, 2023)
  2. Program Lead, Innovation (Sandbox) -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 19, 2022)
  3. Program Analyst -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 19, 2022)
  4. Program Lead, Market Systems -Addis Ababa (Deadline: Dec 19, 2022


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