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ILaNS TP Coordinator

Location: Welega, Ethiopia

Deadline: Sep 16, 2022

Job Description

Employee Contract Type:

Local – Fixed Term Employee (Fixed Term)

Major Role and Responsibilities

1. To coordinate overall IFaNS grant as well as sponsorship Projects Planning, implementation, monitoring and  transition process, and share results to the TP  and other concerned partners

  • Ensure program interventions are executed in a way to address the under laying causes of child vulnerability of Most Vulnerable children and Ensure the quality of livelihood

Programming on focusing higher Result

  • Responsibly develops and prepares performance monitoring plan(PMP) guide and implement it together with project team including AP Managers, Sector technical specialists and AP ILaNS officers and finance team.
  • Identify and contextualizes key indicators from the National Standard TPs including target indicators that relate to program objectives and activities.
  • Undertake all project’s and programs’ monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities using set performance indicators by working closely with ILaNS Officers using appropriate monitoring and reporting tools and methodologies
  • Use appropriate data management systems, analyses data, aggregates data to the required level and synthesis results for report writing using appropriate and relevant tools.  Use WV systems and procedures including HORIZON and other NO’s established protocols.
  • Maintains detailed schedules of activity and budget implementation tracking systems for activities monitoring and budget utilization for each AP.
  • Facilitates all project’s monitoring and evaluations systems are maintained within the project and AP operational area by liaising with MEAL Department, Support Service Division (SSD) and at HO as appropriate.
  • Ensure to prepare, and submit quarterly, biannual and annual plan and report activities undertaken as required to pace forward to the desired goal.
  • Coordinate and supervise ILaNS tools are developed and utilized as needed, such as for household surveys, focus group discussions, and for collecting data from Field and DRR projects on Socio-economic aspects.
  • Work in collaboration with teams under this project as well as other units in at most professional manner as deemed necessary.
  • Clean, organize and archive the monitoring data according to the monitoring system guidelines, and store data in a safe, secure and accessible location
  • Regularly collects and updates information on potential ideas and practical intervention with regard to livelihood programming; contribute to new program design and development as required.
  • Ensure appropriate integration of gender, WaSH, Education, child protection, community voice in action and disability in the AP livelihood intervention.
  • Ensure the existence of strategic networks at AP level with relevant stakeholders and community volunteers in resolving issues and challenges arising from monitoring;
  • In discussion with the Hub Lead, represent WVE on coordination forums and meetings relevant to livelihoods programming at the Regional and Zonal to enhance networking and partnership development.

2. Engage in stakeholders management and represent the TP in various meetings

  • Represent the Technical Program in internal as well as external meetings, conferences, and review meetings in the designated regional, zonal and districts under his/her supervision.
  • Prepare review meetings, regional and zonal CSO reports, prepare experience sharing field event with key stakeholders.
  •  Coordinate and guide the integration and alignment of regional/zonal programmes/projects/ resources, sectors, mix of skills and track the status and share feedback to the TP and concerned partners.
  • Make strong linkage, networking relationship and involvement with the zonal and regional respective bureaus, Planning and Economic Development team, CSOs, FBOs and other stakeholders for the attainment of CWBOs.
  • Ensure evaluation reports are shared with concerned stakeholder in the operational area for learning and future use. Document learning and share best and promising practices within the project, AP as well as across the organization.

3. Ensure proper Documentation and Knowledge management of ILaNS Technical Program.

  • Ensure effective and efficient programme review and reflection process at AP and Hub level and sharing of learning to all concerned stakeholders.
  • Facilitate communities of practices on specific subject matters/issues.
  • Promote action research to inform quality project management process.
  • Work with Hub and NO’s communication team in capturing best practices/success stories, evidences and innovative ideas in the field and ensure they are properly documented, published and shared to partners in the region/zone.

4. Ensure efficient and effective Integration among project models within the TP, with other TP and grant/sponsorship projects

  • Design a platform to ensure all operational project models/grants in the TP are well integrated and provide feedback to project officers when gaps exist.
  • Coordinate learning event for Project officers as well as grant leads
  • Assess, collect and analyses data from AP to measure the level of integration and impact.
  • Assess and provide advice to AP ILaNS officers to potential pivot points of integration within ILaNS project models and with other project models.
  • Monitor grants and sponsorship  funded projects on their extent of integration and provide feedback on regular Basis

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

 Educational level and qualifications required:   BSc/BA degree and MSc/MA degree in development studies, agricultural Economics and other related studies.

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  •  Working knowledge of BSL, FMNR, PD Hearth, S4T and LVCD Model.

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement

  • Work environment:  Office-based 60%
  • Travel:  40% Domestic travel might be required.

Physical Requirements

  • Office and field work

Language Requirements

  • English and local language

Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only





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