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Field Operations Manager

Development and Project Management, Management
Location:   Dire Dawa, Somali
Career Level:  Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)
Employment Type:  Full time

Job Description


Detail Tasks

1          Ensure internalization and adherence to Save the Children’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Principles.

1.1  Facilitate internalization of all the basic values and principles for all the Impact Area staff through different setups.

1.2  Ensure that all newly recruited staff receives appropriate and sufficient orientation on the basic values, and principles of the organization.

1.3  Encourage all the staff to reflect and communicate the basic values and principles of the organization in all their areas of responsibilities

1.4  Ensure that performance evaluation of staff takes into consideration the adherence to the basic values and principles of the organization.

2          Represent Save the Children-EFO in the respective Regional States/zone in which the IA is located

2.1   Represent Save the Children Country Office (CO) in the respective Regional States where the IA is located.

Build smooth functional relationship with the Bureaus and relevant offices in the Regional State.2.1   Facilitate agreements signing and support letters solicitation for programmatic purpose from relevant Regional Sector Bureaus;

2.2    Ensure program integration with the Regional States’ development programs for all sectors.

2.3   Facilitate resource mobilization from the Regional State to make activities as complementary as possible;

3       Coordinate the facilitation of concepts and proposals development for resource mobilization

3.1   Facilitate initiation of project concepts based on participatory need assessment and community priorities;

3.2   Encourage program staff to foster smooth relationship with line offices and communities to solicit such concepts.

3.3   Facilitate involvement of local stakeholders including sectoral offices and community in project identification and conceptualization of the same.

3.4   Liaison with all relevant program staff in the CO for fleshing up of the concept papers and submission to potential donors to mobilize resource.

4       Provide overall coordination and management for all programs implemented in the Impact Area.

4.1   Facilitate effective supervision of the implementation of program components per planned activities.

4.2   Provide overall management support to planned activities in the Impact Area.

4.3   Ensure quality program implementation.+ 4.6?

4.4   Facilitate and ensure integration of all programs with the local stakeholders including local government, community and NGOs working in the area.

4.5    Facilitate participatory monitoring and evaluation of the program implementation.

4.6   Ensure sustainability of the program components.

4.7   Facilitate negotiation of smooth handover of completed programs to relevant bodies.

4.8   Facilitate smooth phase out both by program and from the area as deemed necessary.

5       Liaison and network with all local stakeholders to enhance relationship and program ownership and implementation.

5.1   Ensure smooth networking and relationship building with local stakeholders including local government, community and NGOs working in the area.

5.2   Facilitate experience sharing and mutual learning from all available stakeholders.

5.3   Facilitate efforts to enhance participation of stakeholders in the implementation and monitoring and evaluation of planned program activities.

2.1   Promote the basic values and principles of the organization in the process of the relation building with the stakeholders.

3       Ensures effective and steward utilization of available resources for intended purposes.

3.1   Facilitate internalization of resources by type of expenses as planned and encourage transparency with the relevant stakeholders on the same.

3.2   Ensure that resources are wisely and prudently utilized for the planned purposes in an impacting and sustainable manner.

3.3   Be watchful to follow up and monitor utilization of all types of resources including cash, commodity, vehicles, computers and others available to the IA.

Make sure that all available resources under the custody of the IA receive appropriate .

2.1   maintenance and proper handling. Site coordinators

2.2   Ensure that all properties of the organization are properly documented and kept updated every year for auditing and inventory taking.

2.3   Ensure that any mishandling of resources be reported to all relevant bodies and appropriate measures taken on time.

3       Facilitates capacity building and human capital development in the Impact Area.

3.1   Facilitate with relevant bodies staff capacity building programs and training through conducting workshops, discussion forums and experience sharing with similar actors.

3.2   Encourage on-the-job training as much as possible.

3.3   Ensure that there is succession plan and intentional coaching and orientation for capable staff.

3.4   Facilitate formation and development of teamwork and mutual learning through discussion working together.

3.5    Ensure that positive thinking and appreciative mindset is promoted in staff relationship and performance evaluation.

3.6   Encourage the process of learning from mistakes and even failures in the process of program implementation.

4       Provide overall supervision and management of resources utilization

4.1   Ensure appropriate supervision of the utilization of the Impact Area budget.

4.2   Ensure that all organizational rules and procedures are adhered to in the process of making payments.

4.3   Ensure appropriate and to the standard formats and documentations are put in place and adhered to per provided organizational requirement.

4.4   Ensure that commodities planned for both public works and emergency responses, as appropriate, are all handled as per the organizational requirement.

4.5   Facilitate with all relevant bodies that resources flow down and reach the targeted people (especially in relief distributions if appropriate).

4.6   Ensure quality and timely periodic reports are prepared and disseminated to all relevant bodies, including donors, local and Regional government, CO, etc.

5       Provide regular communication and coordination with the Country Office

5.1   Ensure timely and regular relationship and information sharing is in place with all    relevant CO departments/Divisions.

2.1   Facilitate situation reports and communication to the CO on urgent and relevant issues such as security updates, emergency situation assessment reports, programmatic issues discussed with the relevant stakeholders, etc.

Participate in all relevant meetings and discussions in the CO as deemed necessary.

Job Requirements


Key Skills Required

¨     Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and 10 years’ relevant work experience or Masters degree and 6 years of relevant work experience in relevant field

¨     4-5 years’ experience working with international and national NGOs as well as the various government offices and the community.

¨     Proven ability in promoting and collaborating closely with multi-level stakeholders.

¨     Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to lead and work effectively in team situations

¨     Previous work experience in Ethiopia

¨     Proven (at least 4 years) supervision experience

¨     Understanding of pastoral livelihood issues and food security concepts supported with work experience in pastoralist areas

¨     Knowledge of USAID and other donor regulations

¨     Experience with food commodity management systems and regulations required

¨     Excellent oral and written communication skills

¨     Fluent in English and in the languages of the regions

How to Apply

Application Information:

Please attach a copy of your CV and cover letter with your application, and include details of your current remuneration and salary expectations.  A copy of the full role profile can be found at below link.



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