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Drillco Consultancy – LifeWater International, Ethiopia


Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: Jun 30, 2022


Job Description

Lifewater International is a not-for-profit international development organization operating in Ethiopia. Lifewater works on WaSH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) addressing large global problems with its unique strategy called Vision for Healthy Village.  Currently Lifewater International is reaching the most vulnerable underserved communities in Oromia region in West Arsi Zone (three programs in three districts, namely, Dodola, Kokosa and Nensebo), and in Sidama region in Bensa district.

Purpose and Objective:

The objectives of this study are twofold.  The  first  objective  is to  determine  the  feasibility  of establishing a water well drilling enterprise that can generate income to supplement safe water supply  to  the  public  under the NGO  regulations of  Ethiopia  and  make  recommendations  for establishing  such  enterprise  by  assessing  legal  provisions,  demand  for  drilling  services,  ground potential of selected regions and financial feasibility.

The  second  objective is to  determine  whether administration  and  operation  of a drilling enterprise should be established as part of the current Ethiopia country office or part of a new Regional Headquarters Office in  Addis  Ababa,  Ethiopia. Lifewater  wants  to  determine the feasibility  of  registering a new Regional Headquarters Office  in  Addis  Ababa,  Ethiopia  as a foreign  charity.  The  regional office  would coordinate  Lifewater  Country  Offices  in  Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania,  Cambodia,  and  future  countries  to  be  supported  by  Lifewater. In addition, the regional office will oversee administration and operations of the drilling enterprise.

Methodology and Technical Approach:

The consultant will work under the supervision of Lifewater International Hawasa County Office. Lifewater International will be responsible for the management of contract, assessment of consultant’s work, and performance evaluation based on deliverables.  The consultant is expected to provide proof of insurance coverage prior to commencing the contract.

Activities and Tasks:

The Consultant will be responsible to provide status updates in terms of changing target population, new/ additional activities planned, challenges encountered and implemented as well as results in a periodic manner.

Activity 1: Policies and legal framework


  • Review existing national laws, regulations, and procedures for shallow well and deep borehole drilling and rehabilitation
  • Assess drilling licensing, abstraction permits, procurement and contract management procedures, data collection and collation and any national quality standards for materials for boreholes and pumps (including borehole casing and screen, gravel, pumps, and pump components and etc)
  • Determine which agencies are responsible for setting regulations and enforcing them and for data collection and identify any gaps or overlaps.

Activity 1I: Drilling practice and demand in the selected regions


  • Collect groundwater data in the regions from government, research/academic and other organizations
  • Assess ground water study tools, well siting, drilling, well development, surface/headwork construction, water quality testing, and handing over practices of selected NGO and government organizations
  • Assess demand for drilling shallow and deep boreholes in the regions along whether the clients prefer partial or complete services (groundwater study/siting, design, drilling, surface completion and installation), and with timeline/drilling season in each region
  • Map out the different drilling projects in the regions and the extent to which private drilling work and state-owned enterprises are involved in drilling
  • Assess and identify the possibility of doing drilling work (siting, drilling, surface completion and pump installation) for government, private and other NGO’s

Activity III: Financial feasibility


  • Assess drilling costs for shallow wells (up to 80m, 80-120m) and deep boreholes (with different depth:120-150m, 150-250m, 250-350m and 350-450m) by regions (Oromia, Sidama, Southern region and Amhara northern part) for government, private and NGO drilling work.
  • Assess and recommend resources and materials and equipment needed (types of machine, crew, equipment and accessories) to establish and run drilling operation.
  • Assess market prices for the recommended resources, materials and equipment
  • Assess full operation cost in a year in different regions including spares parts (equipment and accessories) needed and their cost
  • Assess common payment terms for siting and drilling in Ethiopia (e.g. lump sum vs. admeasurement vs. mixed) and, if applicable, how the payment term type varies based on the hydrogeological complexity.

Activity 1V: Feasibility of registering regional office as a foreign charity


  • Determine feasibility of registering a new Regional Headquarters Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a foreign charity
  • Can the a new Regional Headquarters Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia run income generating drilling enterprise in Ethiopia?
  • Is it efficient to administer drilling enterprise under the current Ethiopia Country Office or a new Regional Headquarters Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia?

Activity V: Uncertainties


  • Assess ways that private and government drilling companies deal with the uncertainties of drilling in difficult hydrogeological environments, including how cases of unsuccessful wells are managed.
  • Assess the success and failure rate of drilling in the study regions and areas.
  • Collect data on functionality and underlying causes of failure of shallow wells and deep boreholes

Deliverables and Payments: 

Payments will be processed upon acceptance of the corresponding deliverable, submitted monthly reports and against an invoice that will make reference to the contract reference and deliverable number. Payments will be approved by in Hawasa Country Office.

Expected Deliverables/Outputs

  • Policies and legal framework reviewed
  • Ground potential of the selected regions assessed and identified
  • Drilling practice and demand by shallow wells and deep boreholes by seasons by government, NGOs and private companies in the selected regions reviewed and identified
  • Private companies providing drilling service availability from the market analyzed and identified
  • Fully contracting or in-house, partially contracting/in-house drilling boreholes analyzed and the best alternative recommended
  • Financial feasibility study to establish and run drilling operations reviewed and recommended
  • Dealing with the uncertainties and failures assessed, reviewed and probable solutions recommended

Submission of proposals

  • The Consultant is required to submit the following;
  • Technical proposal on how the assignment will be conducted
  • Financial proposal indicating the cost rates and other charges applicable. See the attached price schedule table attached at the end
  • Contact person that LIFEWATER may contact for requests for clarifications during Bid evaluation
  • CVs of the assigned qualified hydrogeologist, geophysics, economist, sociologist etc.
  • List of all projects over the past three (3) years that are similar/related to this project (Client’s Name and Contact Information, Description of Contract, Contract Value of Outstanding Works, Date of Contract Signing and Completion Date)
  • Company Profile, including printed brochures and product catalogues relevant to the services being procured
  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Business Registration
  • Tax Registration/TAX Clearance

For More Information Click Here: Vacancy for DrillCo Consultancy.docx

Job Requirements

Qualifications and experience required

  • Extensive experience in developing the business modeling especially in water drilling context in different regions of Ethiopia
  • Experience in analyzing the feasibility of establishing water wells drilling enterprise that can generate income to supplement safe water supply to the public under NGO regulation of Ethiopia.
  • Familiarity and understanding of boreholes water supply issues and challenges in rural area
  • Experience in conducting case studies of operating conditions for local drilling entrepreneurs in rural and urban water supply in Ethiopia
  • Experience/ability to conduct scientific research and produce analysis
  • Excellent in organizing and report writing skill

How to Apply

Pre-qualified consultants are invited submit their quotes as per above requirement, to ethiopia@lifewater.org    

Deadline for submission of bids is Jun 30, 2022 by 5:00pm East African Time. Late submission of proposals will not be accepted. If you have clarifying questions about the scope or terms of the contract, please contact bmekuria@lifewater.org or aasaminew@lifewater.org, +251 913374230/+251 0900151421 for more information. 


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