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Chief of Section, ISFD Taskforce -Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Duty Station: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Closing Date: 30 November 2022

Job Description

Duration: Indeterminate appointment
Category and Level: T4, Step I (senior-level)

General Background

The OEC: The Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC) is an international intergovernmental organisation, founded in January 2020 by countries from across the Global South, to “contribute to the equitable, just, and prosperous social transformation of societies by promoting balanced and inclusive education, in order to attain the fundamental rights to liberty, justice, dignity, sustainability, social cohesion, and material and immaterial security for the peoples of the world”.

ISFD: The International Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) – a key instrument of the OEC which is sitting under the Finance for Development (FINDEV) department – has as a vision to eventually become a new development bank supporting countries from the Global South. The role of ISFD will, inter alia, include generating new funds and promoting investments in OEC Member States as well as financing OEC’s budget and being in charge of distributing the loans received by the OEC’s Common Leveraging Union of Borrowers (CLUB).

The main functions of FINDEV are to:

a. provide technical and policy support to Member States in developing context appropriate frameworks for the implementation of sustainable public private partnerships
b. host and support the ISFD and the CLUB
c. collectively secure more favourable financing and debt relief for the CLUB’s members
d. reinforce the case and actively advocate for a more equitable international financial system considering the interests of Member States.

Role Summary

Under the overall authority of the Secretary-General and the direct supervision of the Under-Secretary-General for FINDEV, the ISFD Taskforce Chief of Section will be responsible for preparing the launch of the ISFD at the second ordinary session of the General Assembly and developing its capability post-launch. This, inter alia, includes designing the strategies and business plans, strengthening relations with donors, international institutions and other banks to secure funds for the ISFD and once received, to plan investments that will promote the development prospects of OEC Member States. This is a highly external-facing role and candidates must have a proven track record of interpersonal, communication and leadership skills as well as a strong network of contacts coming from financial institutions/private sector partners and other relevant bodies. This position provides the exciting, unique opportunity of joining the core team of a new international organisation – contributing to its lasting construction and influencing its future trajectory – and an innovative international financing instrument.


  • Prepare the Bylaws of the ISFD for approval by the Member States at the second ordinary session of the General Assembly;
  • Design the strategies, tactics and business plans that will lead towards the establishment of ISFD as a new development bank.
  • Responsible for identifying sources of funding that will support the ISFD’s vision to gradually become a development bank. To achieve this, the ISFD: Chief of Section will work towards building new or strengthening existing relations with multilateral/regional development banks, international financial institutions, private sector investors, national governments, donors etc.
  • Upon identifying the sources of funding, the ISFD Chief of Section together with the Under-Secretary-General for FINDEV and the CLUB Committee will be responsible for designing the strategies on how to best invest these funds in order to promote OEC Member States’ sustainable economic growth.
  • Design strategies on how to best utilise the management fee received by financing secured through the CLUB with the aim to support investments in OEC Member States.
  • Work closely with the Under-Secretary-General for FINDEV and the CLUB Chief of Section to create and implement strategies that will enhance the positioning and integrity of the CLUB.
  • Work together with the CLUB: Chief of Section to plan the disbursement of the loans received by creditors to OEC Member States.


  • Possess a strong network of contacts coming from financial institutions/private sector financing partners and other relevant bodies
  • Strong proven experience of liaising with stakeholders (i.e., donors, government officials, private sector actors, financial institutions)
  • Excellent interpersonal, diplomatic and cross-cultural communication skills with a proven track record
  • Excellent networking and negotiation skills; credibility and confidence in relating to and dealing with people from various backgrounds
  • Strong methodical and strategic thinking skills and ability to develop long-term organisational strategies


  • At least 12 years of extensive experience in dealing with external stakeholders (i.e., donors, financial institutions) gained by working at an international financial institution and/or international or regional development bank
  • Master’s degree (or higher) in Economics or Finance

Language Requirements

Candidate must at least be fluent in English and French. Additional knowledge of one or more other official languages (Arabic, Spanish) is an asset.


This position is open to international applicants.
All applications must be sent to HRE@OEC-OCE.ORG and must include:

  1. Subject line: “ISFD Chief of Section – Application”
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Letter of Motivation
  4. Any other relevant information


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