Wag-Himra Zonal & Liaison Manager – FH Ethiopia

Category:  Development and Project Management
Location:  Sekota, Amhara
Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:  Full time
Salary:  As per the salary scale of the organization

Job Description

FH Ethiopia is a non-governmental organization engaged in relief and development activities. At FH, we operate under a set of guiding principles we call the “The Heartbeat”. This includes our Values, Vision and Purpose, which serve as the explanation of who we are and how we work as organization. Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty. FH Ethiopia would like to invite potential candidates to apply on the following position.

Position:                                        Wag-Himra Zonal & Liaison Manager

Duty Station:                                 Sekota

Duration of Contract:                  One-year contract (Renewable with 60 days probation period)

Salary:                                             As per the salary scale of the organization


Closing date:                                 October 17, 2021

Job Summary

Oversee Wag-Himra Zone and East Belessa Projects day-to-day operations closely working with respective project managers.  The position holder provides regular assistance in smooth project implementation related to the Zonal government signatory departments through proper networking and liaising.   He/she will be coordinating zonal level procurement of project materials and services at the zonal town coordinating with Bahirdar Regional Office and the projects and will also provide periodic feedback to the Co-DCOP.

Principal Responsibilities

Key Result #1 – Providing managerial support to project managers

1.     Closely work with RFSA-PReSERVE Wag-Himra project managers based on the project proposal documents and donor requirements,

2.     Collect weekly updates of project progresses through virtual communication with project managers or delegates;

3.     Oversee and ensure integration of the various works of the RFSA-PReSERVE implementing partners (RTI, DIMAGI, PADeT, ADA, iDE, Sunmountain and Bahirdar University);

4.     Ensure that organizational policies, procedures and working guidelines are strictly adhered to in all projects under his/her supervision;

5.     Provide necessary trainings to project managers based on observed gaps so as to increase their effectiveness in leadership;

6.     Ensure that organizational resources (manpower, finance, materials and food commodities) are managed throughout the project lifetime and gaps are reported immediately for timely corrective action;

7.     Ensure that staff recuperation in Sekota/Debretabor is well and systematically managed working collaboratively with the project managers;

8.     Ensure gender and youth integration into the project activities

Key Result #2 – Ensure projects plans are prepared, submitted and implemented

1.     Ensure that projects prepare and submit annual project plan with all necessary designs and specifications for approval by the donor;

2.     Liaise for necessary preparatory works for the annual plan preparation before the actual planning exercise with due focus given by all stakeholders including RFSA-PReSERVE implementing partners and the woreda government offices;

3.     Ensure that all project implementations prepare and submit their annual procurement plans on time as per the required specifications, details and categories and make corrections when and if needed;

4.     Make sure that PSNP clients targeting and retargeting period is communicated properly and in time to all projects working with the DCOP, Bahirdar Regional Office Manager and Wag-Himra Zone relevant sector offices

5.     Liaise with the government stakeholders to ensure full engagement of FH projects in annual PSNP clients targeting and graduation data collection

6.     Operationalize Zonal level purchases working with project managers in a coordinated, cost effective, and systematic manner for timely delivery of the materials and services;

7.  Work closely with materials/service suppliers to ensure quality materials are provided and those defaulting are closely monitored and corrective actions taken based on track records;

Key Result #3 – Reporting

1.     Ensure all reports are timely prepared and communicated from projects based on required standards and forms provided with all required attachments such as quality pictures, success stories etc.,

2.     Provide regular updates (weekly, biweekly and periodic) on program activity progress/results and provide feedback to RFSA-PReSERVE management and program personnel for informed decision, follow up and improvements;

3.     Ensure all pertinent stakeholders (RTI, DIMAGI, PADeT, ADA, iDE, Sunmountain and Bahirdar University) provide required qualtiy reports on time;

4.     Conduct monitoring reports based on approved TORs and produce field monitoring reports to be shared with the Co-DCOP;

5.     Promote a learning environment among the project and partners’ staff on quality reporting working closely with the Co-DCOP and M&E unit with the objective of improved reporting

6.     Coordinate with Zonal government stakeholders on monitoring and field visits and share findings from such so as to help take corrective actions;

7.     Facilitate Assessments, donor and guest visits in collaboration with the Project managers and Co-DCOP;

Key Result #4 – Liaise

1.     Periodically identify main governmental actors in close coordination with DCOP and RFSA-PReSERVE technical leads;

2.     Promote FH’s values, policies, goals and objectives with the Zonal government and non-government stakeholders;

3.     Represent FH in meetings with Government departments and NGO-level various forums;

4.     Collaborate and coordinate with the Zonal and woreda authorities to maintain the community acceptance and increased participation;

5.     Prepare Zonal level forums, development exhibitions to showcase FH’s development efforts working with the Project managers in a coordinated and planned manner;

6.     Sharing relevant information with authorities, PReSERVE management, FH’s Security Manager, and project managers regarding security status, planning, project implementation and monitoring


• Encourages compliance of Safety and Security principles and policies of the organization by all staffs;
• Organizing local training sessions, such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and Defensive Driving for staff members. If possible, he/she should conduct briefing and training sessions himself/herself;
• Ensures that safety and security objectives are added to performance reviews and evaluations of all staff members;
• Encourages staffs to adopt safe and secure practices. Ensuring that updated personnel information related to safety (Record of Emergency Data) and security management are kept in Human Resources.
• Provide adequate time to staff to participate in gender sensitivity workshops and related events.
• Through observation, interviews, and spot-checks, ensure that the staff planning, Implementation, monitoring and Evaluation process is gender sensitive.
• Facilitate open and regular discussions with staff on about the work environment, policies, and values convenient to gender issues.

FH strives to provide an environment free from sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment in all places where relief and development programs are implemented. FH holds a zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment. FH expects its employees to maintain high ethical standards, protect organizational integrity and reputation, and ensure that FH work is carried out in honest and fair methods, in alignment with the FH Heartbeat and safeguarding and associated policies. Violations to stated policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

Job Requirements


  • Masters degree in a relevant field.
  • Five years relevant work experience preferably in an NGO setting with experience in proposal development for major donors.


  • Excellent writing skills in English with proven ability to design and develop proposals,
  • Computer literate in the following programs:  Microsoft Office
  • Strong Interpersonal skills including liaising and networking
  • Emotional maturity
  • Cross-cultural Sensitivity,
  • Commitment to FH Core Values & Mission Statement
  • Ability to work effectively under time-constraints.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English and the country’s local language (s) 

How to Apply

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Competent candidates can submit ONLY their application and CV to:


Candidates MUST refer the position title on the subject line of their emails and application letters