Terms of Reference For an Individual Consultant or team of individual consultants To conduct a comprehensive survey on how the mining process is implemented in Ethiopia and its impact on the community and the country – Transparency Ethiopia

Category: Consultancy and Training, Economics, Social Sciences and Community
Location:  Addis Ababa
Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Job Description


Transparency Ethiopia (TE) is a civil society organization registered as an Ethiopian charity (local organization) and a chapter of Transparency International (the global coalition against corruption). The organization was formed in October 2002, i.e., about 19 years back by a group of prominent Ethiopian scholars, media professionals, business people, teachers,and students. It is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization that makes a fights against corruption and promotes ethics and good governance. With over 19 years of working experience, Transparency Ethiopia has registered tremendous achievements in the fight against corruption despite the unfavorable NGO environment of the country. This year TE takes the highest award from the Federal Ethics and anti-corruption Commission as best CSO in Ethiopia for its significant contribution to Ethics Building and Anti-Corruption movement at a national level. The organization created partnerships with multiple stakeholders to fight against corruption and promotion of Ethics and Good Governance.

Currently, Transparency Ethiopia with its implementing partner Institute for Social Accountability Promotion (ISAP) is implementing a project entitled “Ensuring Participation of Actors for Transparency and Accountability of Institutions to Support the fight Against Corruption and Promote Democratic Governance and Rule of Law in Ethiopia” with the financial support received from the European Union Civil Society Fund III. In this project, TE is working aiming to enhance the participation of actors for Transparency and Accountability of Institutions to support the fight against corruption and promote Democratic Governance and Rule of law through increasing the engagement of the community at a different level and capacitating different institutions to be transparent and accountable for the services that they are rendering.

The project has nine target regions and their main towns, namely; Addis Ababa, Adama, Bahirdar, Hawassa, Mekele, Asossa, Semera, Jigjiga, and Gambella, with a duration of 36 months from February 2021- February 2023. The major target groups of the project are the youth organized in associations, students at public universities and high schools, women associations, community leaders, CSOs, journalists, media professionals, media house owners, media houses, high school teachers, basic public service user communities, communities in the mining areas, disabled persons, lawyers, and selected government institutions.


TE is now planning to conduct a comprehensive survey on the mining process and its impact on the community as it is one of the activities identified to achieve the main aim of the project. Observations show that the community living in mining areas are among the most inaccessible and vulnerable groups of the society in Ethiopia. This assessment is aiming at critically observing, assessing, and identifying the negative impact of mining activities on members of the community residing in an adjacent location with the mining sites and on the country as a whole. As a result, the consultant who will be conducting the assessment is required to produce concrete evidence that supports his/her assertion on the current status, potential risk of the mining industry on the society, and possible recommendation thereof. Therefore, Transparency Ethiopia is looking for an experienced professional, certified individual consultant (or team of individual consultants), in the area of environmental impact assessment, social accountability, and/or mining to do the assessment and produce the expected result based on profound evidence. The consultant is required to fully dedicate at least 4 weeks to carry on the assessment.


Overall Objective 

The overall objective of the project, to which this assignment is a part, is to enhance the participation of actors for transparency and accountability of institutions to support the fight against corruption and promote democratic governance and rule of law in Ethiopia.

Specific Objectives

  • Assess how the mining process is implemented in the different parts of the country
  • To generate evidence on the impact of mining activities on the community, the environment, and the country in general
  • To provide the necessary inputs to policy makers in relation to the positive and negative impact of the mining process in Ethiopia
  • To help Transparency Ethiopia strengthen its fight for transparency and accountability in the extractive industries


The main purpose of the assignment is to conduct a comprehensive survey on the implementation of the mining process and its impact on the local community, the environment, and the country as a whole. The consultant in his/her assessment report is required to come up with a recommendation that is founded on strong and profound evidence.

Transparency Ethiopia, therefore, requires the service from a consultant to collect reliable data through an appropriate methodology which will include the formulation of data collection tools (questionnaires and others), select targeted respondents by social group and geographic area using the appropriate sampling technique, analyse the finding using appropriate analysis procedure and prepare the final report including valid recommendation to be published and designated to different stakeholders.

Results to be achieved by the consultant


The main result to be achieved by this study is a quantitative and qualitative description of the situation on the ground, reviewing literature and supporting the findings with evidence, providing recommendations, and suggesting a way forward by different stakeholders including policymakers and Transparency Ethiopia.

Duties and Responsibilities of the consultant

The consultant will be required to take all the responsibility of preparing data collecting tools, inception reports, hiring data collectors, handling all the payments and logistics for the data collection, providing briefing and/or training for data collectors, establishing a mechanism to ensure data quality, conducting data analysis or hiring experts to do the data entry and analysis. Last but not least, the consultant is required to prepare the draft report as per the terms of reference and incorporate comments and feedback from the coordinator/client.

Output and Deliverables

 The Research Team

The study team will consist of an external consultant, TE Project Coordinator, and M&E Officer. And the Executive Director of TE will supervise the progress and quality of work from reports and final works submitted to him.

Duration, Deadlines, and Timelines

The total number of working days for the study will be 4 weeks (30 days) from the date of signing the contract.

 Financial Proposal

The Financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount ( Including a breakdown cost for Data collector, number of working days, etc) payments will be made in instalments based upon key outputs (upon delivery) of the service specified in the TOR.

Job Requirements


The client requires the services of an individual consultant/team of individual consultants with direct experience in conducting impact assessment, social accountability, or mining(natural resource management related) studies in relevant thematic and geographic areas. The Consultant should have the following minimum qualifications and experience:

Required qualification and experiences:

  • The consultancy team should be a multidisciplinary team which should have a mix of either of the following disciplines: Social sciences (Sociology, Economics, Management, statistics, , Monitoring and Evaluation, Development studies, Project Management), Natural Resource Management, Demography,  and other related areas of studies.
  •  The consultant/team must possess an advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in any of the fields mentioned above and the rest of the evaluation team should possess an academic qualification that complements the qualifications of the lead consultant/ team leader, such that ultimately the team comprises a mix of technical expertise and survey specialist with strong knowledge of statistical packages (CSPro, SPSS, etc.) required to deliver on the ToR.
  •  At least 5 years experience in conducting similar surveys, studies, and impact analysis.
  • At least 1 study was conducted/lead by the consultant in the area of mining, extractive industries
  • At least 5 years experience and evidence of achieving skills in the application of research techniques, particularly qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills, with demonstrated experience.
  • Knowledge of English and at least 1 more local language of the study areas

Preferred qualification and experiences:

  • Training in data analysis software with knowledge of data analysis as well as concepts and methods of efficacy and impact analysis.
  • Knowledge of more than 1 local language
  • Experience in working with the civil society fund
  • The Consultant must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities s/he takes on.

How to Apply

The payment of project charges will be as follows.

  •  30% of the project charges will be paid on signing of the contract and submission of inception report including workplan and methodology for the assignments.
  •  30% of the project charges will be paid on submission of field report.
  •  40% of the project charges will be paid on completion and submission of the final document approval.

Interested eligible bidders may submit their proposal in hard copy (only technical, financial  and supporting legal document) detailing the relevant cost for carrying out the assignment as well as the consolidated cost along with documents to support qualification and experience.

  •  Sealing and marking of Bids.
  • The bidder is expected to submit the proposal in Hard copy.
  •  The bidder shall be taken the ToR from the Transparency Ethiopia Office.

You can collect the full TOR Form from the Office : Transparency Ethiopia Office Address. Sar bet Adams pavilion Bldg. 2nd floor office No.S14. Phone No. +251-118-279746/342741


Deadline for Proposals submission is on Wednesday, 6 October, 2021, 4:00pm, local time