TERMS OF REFERENCE Conduct a training session on environmental sustainability issue for the Bottom Up Program – Solidaridad, Ethiopia

Category: Consultancy and Training
Location:  Addis Ababa
Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Job Description


Solidaridad is an international civil society organization with more than 50 years of global experience in facilitating the development of socially responsible, ecologically sound and profitable supply chains. Solidaridad works across 13 supply chains and operates through 10 regional offices on 5 continents. Solidaridad is legally established in Ethiopia under Charities Act (registration number 3531).

The purpose of this TOR is that Solidaridad is currently supporting different programs in the country and those programmes aim to have sustainable and inclusive growth of the Ethiopian textile, cotton, coffee & leather sectors. Those programmes support to ensure and have a sustainable & better working condition, jobs and production in each sector and for that the organization wants to give training on environmental sustainability issues by external training provider for the beneficiaries’ technical and production (ETP, wet-processing, utility-compressed air, boiler, RO-water treatment, safety) team members of textile factories in Ethiopia.

The organization is supporting beneficiaries to improve their working conditions from primarily reducing environmental pollution loads, use of right inputs and its management with the long-term aim of improving their capability of managing the inputs, process and outputs (chemical, water, energy, waste) of their factories in an efficient and effective way so that finally, it would help them to address their environmental issues in a sustainable manner.

Objectives of the training

The main objective of this training is: to equip trainees with essential knowledge and skills of textile inputs, process and outputs(chemical, water, energy, waste, CP, EMS) management and to address the  environmental concern/issues. The trainers use training methods that will allow the recipients to pass on knowledge gained to employees within their respective company.

At the end of the training, the trainers will prepare & provide a training manual for the trainees in order the members of the technical and production textile team could use it as reference.

Training needed

The training will enable us to improve capacity of textile factories to understand and implement EMS & CP to manage in an efficient and effectively use of resources, and reduce/avoid the environmental pollutions in textile production units .In order to take advantage of these opportunities, our beneficiary companies should manage & ensure that the technical and production team(ETP, production unit of wet-processing, utility, RO-water treatment, boiler) are able to analyze, reduce and avoid pollution loads in their respective working area or production units.

We are therefore seeking to appoint a service provider who would be able to train aforementioned sector in chemical, water, energy, waste management; Cleaner Production, EMS; national legal frame, and international standards at the highest quality.

Once this training is taken place, our expectation would be those trainees will then be able to commence a training programme to ensure knowledge is filtered down to the entire team in the respective textile factories.

In addition, the service provider is to produce a training manual for our candidates to enable them to pass on skills gained to their colleagues within their companies.

For more information click to : TOR_ training session on environmental sustainability (2).docx


Job Requirements


  • Proven experienced firm in provision of training on the chemical, water, energy, waste, CP, EMS trainings for Ethiopian textile companies.
  • Proven expertise of (7 and more years’ experience) in giving training specially for  textile factories in Ethiopia
  • BSc & MSc degree in Textile, Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical/Industrial engineering and BSc/MSc degree in Environment Science
  • Proven work experience with international developmental partners
  • Knowledge of local culture and language
  • Proven ability to use train the trainer methods.
  • Able to deliver to tight deadlines
  • Able to work with minimum supervision
  • Knowledge of developing training manuals
  • Have re-new & relevant licence on environmental sustainability training from the government body.
  • Should be VAT registered & renewed licence and that license should also be  on environmental sustainability issues

How to Apply

 Interested candidates can send their company profile, company experience on the subject matter (on environmental sustainability issues for textile factories in Ethiopia), renewed trade license, & related documents (technical proposal) to the following email: Zerihun.desalegn@solidaridadnetwork.org

Whereas the financial proposal with a budget and work plan (inclusive of relevant taxes) should be submitted to the finance team Mr. Tilahun Mekonnen (+251-921126311) 1 Hard copy, clearly marked, training on environmental Sustainability issues.