Site Technical Coordinator – (Re-Advertised)

Category:  Management
Location:  Addis Ababa
Career Level:  Senior Executive(CEO, Country Manager, General Manager)
Employment Type:  Full time
Salary:  As per the scale

Job Description


The Executive Director has a major role of implementing policy decisions of the Executive Board. He/ she gives strategic directions and to ensure prevalence of transparency and accountability throughout the Association’s operations as well as discharge all the duties and responsibilities vested upon him/ her by the Regulation of the Association and by the decisions  made by Governing body. He/ she is delegated to act as the high level authorities of the Association. He/ she directs and leads the Association as SRH&R Leading Organization at  regional, national level, and internationally recognized as an ICON in SRH&R arena that provide broad range comprehensive and quality SRH services. He/ she enhance the volunteerism and governance structure of the Association that is effective, credible, reputable, transparent and accountable institution;


1.        Working with the Governing Body:

  1. Ensure the progress of the Association’s work is appropriately presented and reported to the governing body together with all matters relevant to the discharge of its responsibility;
  2. Work  with the president to develop policy proposal for governing body discussion and decision;
  3. Support the president in ensuring that all members of the governing body continue to be engaged and involved in the governing body’s work;
  4. As appropriate, to monitor and advice on the composition of the governing body, its committees,  and the process of governing body self –assessment and development;
  5. Put in place an annual calendar of meetings of governing body and its standing committees;
  6. Institutionalizes the performance management scheme between the Executive Director and the National Executive Committee through  reaching performance agreement based on the APB and MOU;
  7. Ensure and prepares consolidated periodic report on work plan implementation, budget utilization, and performance management and regularly submits to the Executive Board;
  8. Creates and maintains a two-way communication system between FGAE volunteers and staff to maintain the existing good working relations to the expected level;

2.         Leading and Managing the Association

  1.  Lead in the implementation of the FGAE SP in line with GTP, HSDP-IV; MDGs 4, 5 and 6; Maputo Plan of Action and other global and regional commitments;
  2. Ensure that the long-term strategy is in place  that clearly depicts & identify strategic Vision, Mission, goals/aims, anticipated future demands, opportunities and constraints and long term impacts that can guide the Association in achieving its strategic program & objectives;
  3. Ensure that the Long-term strategy is translated into practical and achievable Annual Program Budgets(APB) and ensures the timely preparation of Annual Program and Budget (APB) and implementation plans in line with the Three Year Strategic Plan (SP) and the directives of the Executive Board and the policies of the IPPF;
  4. Ensure the successful, on time, delivery of all plans, budgets and reports;
  5. Enable the Association to articulate  its mission, corporate policies and values and operational philosophy, and ensure that these are applied consistently across the Association;
  6.  Be responsible to the governing body in ensuring general working climate and financial health of the Association. This includes the management of risk and maintenance of adequate and relevant internal control system in place;
  7. Ensure that FGAE’s policies are adhered to, ensure the expenditure is controlled in line with the work programme and budget approved by the governing body and generally acceptable accounting principles and in line with the Association policy manuals and national applicable laws ;
  8. Ensure that the Association discharges its constitutional and legal obligations  and responsibility and  adhere to as per its Constitutions/Regulations, polices and  procedural manuals endorsed by the governing body with accountability and transparency;
  9. Establishes organization objectives, initiates  policies and programs and sets methods and structures by which programs should be carried out and implements same when endorsed by governing body;
  10. Ensure that the Senior Management Team and Middle Management Teams are effective in promoting effective internal collaboration and joined-up working; plans, organizes and directs quality management practices and provide leadership to Senior Management Team (SMT),
  11. Ensure that the Association has the resource (human, material and financial) and  operates as effectively and efficiently as possible, and directs and controls financial, material and human resource operations of Association;
  12. Ensure that a developed a staffing structure is in place that is endorsed by governing body that supports the efficient delivery of programmes and services, the accomplishment  of major goals identified in the strategic plan and  be effective over all management practices;
  13. Lead, manage and motivate a team, creating an environment that enables staff to maximize their potential and facilitates high performing teams and ensures for the  establishment and maintains a human resource system that is in keeping the mission and values of the  Association and ensures the right  people  who are recruited, assured their retention; and keep under review and appraise the work of staff reporting directly to the Executive Director;
  14. Solely responsible for recruitment/hire to the Association and dismissal/leaving, issues appointment letters, enter into employment contract agreement for all employees of the Association as per the power vested to him by the regulation/Constitution and HRM Manual of the Association;
  15. Critically evaluate the  requirements of funds for Program operations and income generation activities ,partnership requests and ensure, identifies and secures funding for FGAE programs and projects in collaboration with the relevant national and international authorities, donors, development partners; and implementing agencies;
  16. Ensure that the decentralization principle are well institutionalized and  all Area Offices are well empowered, well equipped and equally represented as per the constitution of the Association, resources (Financial, Human, material)  are distributed in equitable and transparent principle across the Association;
  17. Ensure and institutionalizes the strategic management approach among Departments, Units/ Services and Area Offices through the performance management system based on the five year strategic plan;
  18. Ensure that regular performance management appraisal  between the Executive Director and the Department ,Units/Services and Area managers  is conduced and practical and institutionalized at all Area Offices & adhere to;
  19. Liaises and maintains effective relations with government, NGOs and international agencies to ensure proper harmonization of policies and programs;
  20. Develop directives and procedures to be used by operating units for volunteers mobilization and management and active participation and enhance owner for sustainability purpose;
  21. Monitor the day-to-day changes in the national environment, analyzes trends and maintains an awareness of developments which affect objectives and policies of the Association and proposals to the Executive Board for endorsement;;
  22. Prepares and submits to the Executive Board consolidated periodic report on work plan implementation, budget utilization, and performance management of the Association;
  23. Develop a strategy that thorough understanding of the external environment FGAE is operating in, identify and manage risk including ensuring appropriate health and safety and security procedures and ensure risk mitigation and business continuity plan are in place;
  24. Plan for the long-term success of the organization and effectively delegate   tasks as required;
  25. Legally represent the Association in all legal matters  and to sue and to be sued , to enter in contractual  and partnership agreement with Government, Donors, Development Partners, , Consortium’s, and other corporate agencies at National and International   level;

3.        Promoting the Association

  1. Ensure and maintain effective networks ,facilitate the building of relationships with all staff ,principal  partners ,supporters and stakeholder;
  2. Ensure and seek opportunities to expend and promote the role of the Association at National, Regional and International level;
  3. Ensure and promote the Association as a Leading SRHR Organization and advocates for adoption of a policy by government on SRH & Rights especially for the women and youth by initiating and preparing policy documents on SRH& Rights ;and submitting for government;
  4. Ensure an advocacy strategy in place and conduct advocacy work among parliamentarians and community leaders and media practitioners through workshops and distribution of advocacy pamphlets for political and resource commitment ;
  5. Ensure sustainably of the program through soliciting long term funding from government and/or international agencies (bilateral/multilateral), put in place a resource mobilization strategies, managing large budgets with diverse international donor base;
  6. Contribute to Global and Regional leadership teams of IPPF to support organizational effectiveness and development; work closely & collaborate with colleagues from in IPPF-ARO to enhance relationships and ensure effective organizational working; as Member Association   ensure that IPPF is well represented in the country;
  7. Ensure the Association is presented in appropriate and professional manner to its stakeholders(Development partners, Donors, GOs, NGOs, CSOs, FBOs and others) and meet all demands for data and information, reporting requirements through standardized MIS system in place, in a timely and transparent manner;
  8. Represent FGAE externally ensuring that FGAE’s Vision, Missions and Values are communicated in a positive and compelling way; represent the Association at National and Regional conferences, seminars, consortium meetings and National Technical Working Group(TWGS)/committees on SRH and related matters;
  9. Performs similar activities as desired by the National Executive Board and national executive Committee.

Job Requirements

A. Qualification:  PHD/MPH/MSC/MA in Public Health, Demography, Development Economics , Population Study and related studies.

B. Relevant Experience : 10 years after MPH/MSC/MA  or 7 years after PHD which  5 years in managerial position.

C. Skills  :

Strategic oriented, excellent leadership  and quality management skills & practices with analytical bent of mind;

  • Ability to make logical and timely decisions;
  • Good negotiation and delegation skills;
  • Good networking skills;
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills;
  • Excellent communication and Interpersonal skills , and report writing skills;
  • Ability to coach and develop subordinates to improve their skills and achieve targets;
  • Other Computer Proficiency in  MS word, EXCEL,  MS-Access  etc;

D. General :

  • Good team player and willingness to work extra hours;
  • Energetic and enthusiastic approach to work and willingness to travel to Area Offices;
  • Willingness for frequent travel to Area offices and project areas;

E.  Personality  :

  • Supportive and ethical;
  • Pleasant and polite attitude at all times;
  • Ability to act as part of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team;
  • Charismatic leader, dynamic and highly self -motivated;
  • Excellent communicator at all levels;
  • Able to work with minimal supervision and ability to withstand pressure

Desirable: In-depth knowledge of workings of donors and high capacity to manage a multi-disciplinary Governing Board .Computer skill in relevant software is desired.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit their application letter, CV and credential only through email

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

NB:- The Association will not accept any application letter the  above email account.