Senior Value Chain Marketing Specialist – MEDA-Mennonite Economic Development Associates, Ethiopia

Job Description

Position:           Senior Value Chain Marketing Specialist

Reports to:      Country Representative

Location:          Addis Ababa, with 50% travel to Bahir Dar                              

MEDA’s Overview

Mennonite Economic Development Associate (MEDA) is an international non-governmental organization incorporated in Canada and registered in Ethiopia.  MEDA is currently carrying out EMERTA project which stands for Ethiopians Motivating Enterprises to Rise in Trade and Agri-business and means ‘to leap to great heights’ in Amharic by focusing specifically on women.  The project will be committed to increasing sustainable employment and income generation for women and men in Amhara region of Ethiopia in rice, vegetables and gems sectors, with a focus on women.  MEDA is committing to identify and mitigate the social and economic barriers that limit women’s participation in the selected market sectors and constrain their participation in household decisions and control over resources.


Job Overview:

The Senior Value Chain Marketing Specialist focuses on strategies to stimulate market demand in the three sectors (rice, vegetable and gems) of MEDA’s EMERTA project. She/he will work closely with other project staff, particularly the specialists heading the sector teams, to design marketing strategies. She/he will also liaise/contract with other marketing professionals in Ethiopia to develop and implement various marketing and promotional activities. The Senior Value Chain Marketing Specialist will develop communications products, sector-specific tools, Web-based EMERTA project information and social media resources in support of the project. In addition, she/he will develop a range of communications materials in Amharic and English to better market and explain the EMERTA project to outside audiences. These activities should be conducted to respond to needs from MEDA, the project beneficiaries, the project donor and the Government of Ethiopia.

The position administratively reports to the Country Director and technically works closely with Senior Value Chain Specialists. The position is collaborative in nature, working closely with the Country Representative, project sector specialists (team leaders) in rice, vegetables and gemstones, Project Implementaion Manager and others. Links to relevant, non-project actors will be important as well.  The Senior Marketing Specialist will assist the project implementation team by providing critical market information to determine new opportunities, and avoid non-viable markets. She/he will provide ongoing market research and will build the marketing capacity of MEDA’s project implementation team and other partners and clients. Communications activities will assist the project in reaching wide audiences and building greater understanding of the project, as well as convey project client needs clearly.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

·       Conduct market analysis and assess threats, strengths, opportunities within the rice, vegetable and gemstones sectors.

·       Develop a Market Information System to include various types and sources of market data, important market destinations, and regular updates for both input markets and segmented end markets.

·       Develop a marketing strategy for clients, including associations to build awareness and demand for rice, vegetables and gemstones.

·       Develop a database of private sector enterprises in input markets and segmented end markets.

·       Maintain close contact with market actors particularly based in Addis Ababa and act as a focal point (facilitator) to make the connection with Bahir Dar-based staff and project clients.

·       Provide leadership, expert advice and build core capacities in the program implementation staff and partners in developing business services informed by market- oriented information systems.

·       Develop and promote market linkages in Ethiopia among both new and existing partners. Facilitate market linkages of project clients in Amhara with market actors who are based in Addis.

·       Seek opportunities to integrate gender equality and environmental awareness/sensitivity into marketing strategies within the EMERTA project.

·       Design and lead special projects, such as trade fairs, promotional events, advertising, product development support in close collaboration with the three sector leaders and project clients.

·       Act as a member of the innovation and guarantee fund oversight committee (as requested), providing expert input of criteria, award, accountability and reporting of funds, and leveraged investments.

·       Liaise with Headquarters staff, as appropriate, to develop and disseminate project marketing information.

·       Develop key communications tools/brochures/advertisements/promotional materials and the like to further the project’s visibility and effectiveness in reaching audiences within MEDA and beyond.

·       Represent MEDA and its marketing objectives to potential and actual clients and partners.

·       Perform other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements

  • Essential: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration or other relevant discipline. Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline preferred.
  • Seven+ years of experience demonstrating success in agricultural markets, market analysis, and/or Value Chain development
  • Experience in private Enterprise Marketing, Marketing Consultant or demonstrated marketing success as private sector entrepreneur, or with non-government organization relevant experience.
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English and Amharic, including skilled report writing and development of marketing and communications materials.
  • Computer skills: Microsoft Office Applications, specifically Excel and Word and Access
  • Clear understanding of Ethiopia’s economic and business environment


  • Private sector experience, particularly entrepreneurship and agri-business
  • Knowledge of production (agriculture or gemstones), including quality control, market standards, and/or product development
  • Experience in communications and related themes.

Core Competencies:

·       Results and solutions-oriented

·       Demonstrating accountability and commitment

·       Ability to communicate fluently in English and Amharic

·       Ability to conduct research and gather needed market information

·       Eagerness to work collaboratively, build relationships


How to Apply

If you are interested to be part of our dynamic team, exciting work environment and contribute to MEDA’s mission and vision, please forward your: CV (not more than 3 page) and cover letter (not more than one page) Send your application by e-mail to;

Those candidates who wish to apply in person can do so to our MEDA-Bahirdar office located behind Bureau of Education, Kebele 13 or Addis Ababa office located on the new road from Bole to AU.


Don’t send your application if you don’t meet the minimum requirement of this job.

On the subject Line, please clearly write the position you are applying “Senior Value Chain Marketing Specialist”. 

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.