MHPSS Technical officer –Addis Ababa_Gambella & Benishangul Gumuz – Humanity & Inclusion (brand name of Handicap International)

Category:  Development and Project Management, Health Care
Location:  Addis Ababa
Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:  Full time
Salary:   23470 – 30240 ETB and Negotiable based on the experience

Job Description

1.    Mission

Under the responsibility of Operational Manager, the MHPSS Technical Officer contributes to the implementation of Humanity & Inclusion’s mandate and 10-year strategy of HI in the country. He/she contributes to the implementation of projects by providing technical expertise and ensuring that the quality and impact of the project(s) concerned is optimized. He/She works closely with the program’s technical team.

2.    General objective

The general objective of the MHPSS technical officer mission is to provide technical support to the project team, namely the PSS officer, incentive community outreach workers (recruited from refugee communities), and other PSS officers working within other HI projects in Gambella and BG base on skill and experience gaps for better outcome of MHPSS services delivered by the project. In addition, the technical officer will work on developing tools, systems and modalities to deliver MHPSS services to PSNs. Based on this general purpose of the mission, the following specific objectives are expected to be addressed:

2.1. Specific objectives

 v  Ensure the overall quality and accessibility of MHPSS services provided by the project

v  Provide trainings (theoretical/practical) and supervision to the PSS officers based on identified gaps to strengthen their capacity and hence, improving quality of the service.

v  Develop tools and revise existing tools (identification/assessment tools, referral tool & Database), systems and modalities of delivering the services for effective provision of MHPSS service to PSNs.

3.    Linkages

Throughout the life of the project, the TO is expected to work with the following people and organizations:

Main internal Interfaces Main External Interfaces
F  Project Manager and/or Operational Manager

F  Team members (including Rehabilitation officer, Community Protection Officer, PSS officer, and other project members)

F  Support Service Team (Logistic, Administration & Finance, HR) based in Gambella/Benishangul Gumuz and/or Addis Ababa

F  MEAL team


F  Refugees living in camp(s) and hosting communities of Gambella & Benishangul Gumuz

F  Another organisation especially Protection actors

F  UN agencies and local Government authorities: UNHCR, ARRA

F  Camp management actor and SMS


4.    Roles and Responsibilities

 1.    Provides guidance and technical support to project team in accordance with the overall technical frameworks and standards in MHPSS


A)    Provides appropriate technical guidance and support to project team especially PSS officers

F  Assist the Project Managers and Project Officers in the definition of the action plans of each PSS worker, and support in the implementation and monitoring of the proposed action plans.

F  As required, contribute to the technical aspects of planning, design and implementation of periodic MHPSS-related program activities, workshops, trainings and/or events.

F  Participate in the design of project proposals or concept notes with specific inputs related to PSS and Protection where necessary.

F  Together with, Project Managers, Project Officers and HI Outreach teams, participate in continuous needs assessment within the areas of intervention for new projects to be developed and/or propose adaptation of the existing PSS and protection related activities as necessary.

B)     Ensures that the project(s) activities are implemented according to internal quality and technical standards and proposes adjustments or improvements if necessary.

 F  Based on the identified needs and in close collaboration with Project Managers, Project Officers and Technical Support persons, participate in the definition of the MHPSS and intervention strategy and methodologies to be used in the projects and development of the required supporting tools where necessary.

F  Based on identified needs, propose and contribute to the development of new activities specifically addressing gaps in MHPSS services in accordance with HI frameworks on Mental health and psychosocial support interventions in emergency and post-crisis settings.

C)     Adapts project documentation as required in accordance with global technical norms and standards

F  Ensure proper application of all MHPSS related methodology in the context of the project and with respect to HI quality standards in terms of the identified tools and methodologies.

F  Translation of project related documents or information specific to MHPSS and protection, between English and local language

D)     Contributes to the regular reporting of the technical activities of its perimeter (collection and analysis of the technical data collected) in conjunction with the project team and the MEAL team.


F  Provide regular reporting on MHPSS and protection activities to the line manager upon his/her solicitation.

F  Contribute to the collection of disaggregated data for the MHPSS components of the projects through specific assessment tools. Collaborate closely with the Information Management Officer to ensure the data is correctly consolidated within a beneficiary database.

F  Support the Project Managers in the monitoring and evaluation of MHPSS aspects of the project activities, including conformity of activities with the set objectives, data collection and follow up of indicators.

E)     If relevant, ensures coordination and collaboration with the technical partners of the project as delegated by the specialist or the project leader.

F  In close collaboration with Project Managers, Project Officers and Technical support persons and HI outreach teams, oversee the design, production and field testing of MHPSS-related Information Education and Communication materials (IEC), including but not limited to posters, fliers, leaflets and information booklets for beneficiaries and/or local stakeholders.

F  According to identified needs, prepare supervise and/or implement MHPSS and protections sensitization sessions for beneficiaries and/or local stakeholders.

F  Identify MHPSS and Protection training needs of relevant local partners or stakeholders working in the field.

F  According to identified needs, prepare and implement MHPSS and Protection trainings – both formal and on-the-job training for partners and/or local stakeholders.

2.    Provides technical improvement to and learning from projects

A)     Collects the elements necessary for capitalization or scientific documentation exercises

F  In collaboration with the project teams, participate in “lessons learned” initiatives related to the MHPSS sector

B)     Contributes to technical learning under the responsibility of the specialist or project manager, based on good practice.

F  Participating, in close collaboration with the MHPSS Specialist, in the elaboration of guidelines, training documents and protocols;

F  Where necessary, and within technical capacity, contribute to the design of various monitoring tools for the MHPSS component of the project (for example, post intervention monitoring). Participate in the analysis of data.

3.    Contributes to the animation of the MHPSS sector

 A)    Contributes to or leads the necessary technical training in his or her field and contributes to the skills upgrading plan for professionals in their sector and may be a third-party assessor

F  Technically supervise and train HI PSS outreach teams to identify and analyze PSS and Protection needs of beneficiaries, including screening for most vulnerable and urgent cases amongst persons with mental health disorders, psychosocial and/or physical disabilities.

F  Technically supervise and train HI outreach teams in PSS assessment of identified beneficiaries, taking into consideration various factors and causes of psychological distress.

F  Technically support the PSS team to adapt the intervention to the beneficiary’s specific needs, taking into account the scope of the project interventions and ensuring a global vision of the individual and familial psychosocial and protection needs. Review and reinforce the project’s beneficiary pathway and referral mechanisms.

F  Be part of a constructive holistic team work to develop a qualitative analysis and appropriate response for persons with disability and vulnerability.

F  Identify existing services and lead the mapping of the MHPSS and protection sector services.

F  Based on identified needs, build capacity of PSS Workers to organize and conduct individual and group PSS sessions to beneficiaries.

F  Build capacity of PSS workers to organize and implement innovative community-based PSS activities aiming to restore and build social bonds, promote inclusion of persons with disability and/or improve general well-being.

F  Ensure a qualitative follow up of the beneficiaries taking part in individual or group activities and an improvement of their well-being through monitoring activities.

 4.     Contributes to ensuring HI’s technical influence within its perimeter

A)    Contributes to the influence of HI’s expertise: can represent HI’s technical expertise in relevant local networks and with local partners

F  Represent Handicap International approach to MHPSS and Protection activities within relevant coordination meetings, trainings, workshops, conferences and other events, as directed by your line manager

F  Wherever possible and in close coordination with the Project Managers, contribute to the identification and facilitation of ways to increase collaboration between stakeholders, particularly involving MHPSS and Protection.

F  Where required, represent HI towards local authorities and local associations in Protection specific matters.

F  Maintain a positive image of Handicap international at all times and in all circumstances.

F  Contribute to the cultivation of a community approach to Protection services to ensure a confidence in HI project activities.

F  Participate in regular team meetings and wider coordination meetings.

Job Requirements

Knowledge (knowledge)

Know-how (practical)

Know-how (attitudes)

 Degree in Psychology or related psychosocial field.

Mastery of a specialty of its sector and how to implement it in a quality approach.

Knows the different schools of thought and models explaining disability and is familiar with the application of certain tools.

Understanding of a comprehensive approach of vulnerability and disabilities issues and their interactions with psychosocial consequences.

Knows the international frameworks and technical issues of his sector

Knows the networks of actors and professionals inherent to its sector

è Experience in development of IEC materials.

è Excellent spoken and written English and local languages

è Computer literacy with demonstrated experience in utilization of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint in particular.


è Minimum 5 years of experience in his or her professional field

è Previous experience with international or local NGOs and working in cross-cultural setting.

è Experience in planning, developing and implementing protection and/or MHPSS related training.

è Experience in supervising and/or monitoring protection and MHPSS related interventions.

è Experience in community work and participatory approaches, and good knowledge of advocacy/ community mobilization methods and tools.

è Desired experience in project management

è Communicates in a clear, concise and responsible manner with respect for the interlocutor (adult or child); adapts his/her mode of communication and message, particularly in the context of intercultural communication, and at a distance

è Identifies problems and activates solutions; knows how to raise problems

è Can accompany and motivate a person/group.

è Knows how to plan, organize and measure its activities by setting clear, specific and measurable objectives and indicators.

è Promotes participation and cooperation in the activities of its service sector and in multidisciplinary/sectoral work

è Ability to develop and deliver training and supervision to adults

è Ability to write report, interpret data interpretation and analytical skills


è Reactivity

è Teamwork/networking, cooperation. Respecting each other’s opinions and valuing each other’s skills for joint action;

è Giving and receiving constructive feedback; exchanging in multidisciplinary teams, networking and collaborating.

è Have an empathetic attitude. Showing interest in what each person experiences and feels, “putting oneself in the other’s shoes” and listening to their needs Adopting an attitude of acceptance and non-judgement of the person.

è Resilience to stress and uncertainty, Ability to work autonomously and under high pressure with a great level of personal organization.

è Demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and humanitarian values.

è Excellent communication and representation skills.

è Ability to propose workable solutions and identify their implications (positive and negative) adapted to the PSS and Protection needs of individuals.

è Ability to develop productive working relationships with colleagues, partners, local authorities and other stakeholders

è Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills (written and oral).

è Ability to anticipate risks and opportunities

è Positive thinking and solution-oriented approach

è Able to handle confidential and sensitive information.


How to Apply

Interested applicants who meet the above criteria should fill in the attached application form Job application form updated (1).docx and submit it with a 1 page motivation letter  and email it at on or before the above mentioned deadline.

Please clearly state the position you apply in the subject line of your email otherwise rejected automatically.  Only short listed candidates will be contacted for exam/interview no phone calls please.

We’re committed to safeguarding and promoting child protection and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. This position involves working with beneficiaries and is subject to strict safer recruitment checks. The successful candidate will be required to complete a police check and sign self-declaration form to help us verify your suitability to work with children including checks with past employers.

Humanity & Inclusion is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes women and persons with disabilities to apply.