Category:  Consultancy and Training
Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:  Contract

Job Description

1.    Background

Save the Children with funding from EU has been implementing RESET PLUS- Youth empowerment for successful transition to decent work project targeting unemployed and under employed youth living in eight woredas of Sitti and Waghimira zones (four in each zones) in Somali and Amhara regional states respectively.  The action is jointly implemented by Save the Children, the lead organization, OXFAM, Organization for Rehabilitation and development of Amhara (ORDA) and UNISOD. The action will also partner with relevant government authorities such as bureau of Labour and Social Affairs (BoLSA), Bureau of Youth and Sport (BOYS), and Bureau of Women and Children Affairs(BoWCA), Technical and vocational Education training agency (TVET), Small Scale and Micro Enterprises Development agency (SMD) etc., at Regional, Zonal and woreda level.

The overall objective of this Action is to enable vulnerable young men and women (aged 15 -29) to successfully transition to decent jobs primarily through wage employment. There are seven key results the action aims at achieving in its 42 months (April 2018 – June 2021) life time.  These are :(1)Youth have improved economic opportunities; (2) youth transition to decent , wage based – work; (3) Youth have improved assets and financial literacy ; (4) community attitudes change positively towards wage employment in “market sheds”; (5) entry level work opportunities are available to youth through on –job training and mentoring mechanism ; (6) private and public sector participation have increased in supporting transition to work in urban areas ;and (7 )transparency and functioning of the job market has improved.

This TOR for EDITING OF VIDEO FOOTAGE to support the assessments done on Publication and Documentation of Project Result conducted by Save the Children to identify, Publish and Document Project Result as a whole and good practices /success stories/ of the project which is implemented in Sitti and Waghimra zones of Somali and Amhara regions respectively. The Publication and Documentation of Project Result was organized considering the contexts of RESET PLUS-YEP operation woredas with the involvement of all consortium partners. The Publication and Documentation of Project Result has been done by internal capacity (using internal staff) and the survey has been done through key informant interviews, focus group discussion, in-depth interview and supervision of data collection processes. The Publication and Documentation of Project Result has been done in four selected woredas (one woreda from each partner) with specific focus on youth transition to decent work as a results of the project intervention. The purpose of the Publication and Documentation of Project Result is, therefore, to assess the program outcomes and impacts, successes and lessons learnt and document as well as share the result to the donor and other RESET Plus-YEP partners and government representatives for further use. So, the task is editing the video footages taken by professionals during the period of the assessment.

Under this Action, Save the Children and its partners are tasked with delivering high quality video footages in all aspects and the supplier will be responsible to fulfil these requirements.

2.    Scope of the Video Editing Work

The video editing focuses on producing four /4/ context based short videos for each of the two zones /Waghimra and Sitti/ to be shared on Save the Children’s social media platform and one twenty /20/ minutes long documentary production from the footage already taken by SC-EtCO communications team and interview of the senior project manager.

3.    Objective of the Video Production

To showcase the context based achievements of RESET Plus YEP operating in eight /8/ woredas in Amhara region /Waghimra zone/ and Somali region /Sitti zone/ in four /4/ thematic areas described under 4.2 below.

4.    Expected Deliverables

4.1. Prepare a story board.

4.2. Produce four /4/ context based short videos with subtitles in English language for each of the two zones (Waghimra and Sitti zones) (total eight /8/ short videos), each video should be three /3/ minutes long using the original video content of different interventions of the project that will be provided by country office communications team. So, the supplier will submit ten /10/ copies of the four /4/ context based promotional videos each with three /3/-minutes long for each zone (total eight /8/ videos, 10 copies per zone and a total of 20 copies for the two zones) on flash disks.

4.3. The four /4/ thematic of the videos will be:

4.3.1.     Outcomes of Implementing Softskill Trainings on the behaviours of the youths towards wage employment, income management and response to changes and challenges in work places. Life Skill – (“Appropriate behaviour for wage employment”-including understanding basic social skills related to wage employment behaviour, respecting others, ability to work in team, conflict resolution and trainability; “Communication skills”- including listening skills, message accuracy and instructions; “Higher order thinking skills”- focusing on problem solving, critical thinking and decision making;  “Self-control skills”– focusing on managing emotions and coping with stress; and  “Positive self-concept skills”– such as self-confidence and self-awareness. Financial Literacy– (“Basics of money”-including sources of income, setting financial goal, decision about money, budgeting, manage money spending, and small scale trading; “Saving skills”- including practicing wage principles & estimating income, estimating expenses, record expenses, methods of saving, saving plan, saving practices/actual and where to save; and  “Practicing investment”- focusing on definition of business plan, practicing to write a business plan, decide to practice in investment and methods of investment. Resilience Building– the ability /behaviours developed by youths to withstand changes and challenges in the wage employment environment.

4.3.1.   Outcomes of implementing different service corners at One-Stop-Services-Centers/OSSCs/

4.3.2.     Outcomes of broadcasting/transmitting key project messages through radio episodes, radio spots, audios through loud speakers, local drama, roundtable discussions on cultural barriers of the community towards wage employment and labour related policy implementations by employers

4.3.4.     Outcome of apprenticeship and job placement services provided by the project on the change in income/livelihood of the youths and their family

4.4. Produce context based documentary of twenty /20/ minutes long video with subtitles in English language based on the field records and the interview with the senior project manager and incorporate footages of different types as the senior  project manager explains about the interventions and submit on flash disk.

4.5. Prepare and submit A-roll and B-roll footages for short and long videos in flash disk;

5.    Target Audience of the Video

Federal and regional relevant bureaus, relevant sectors, the general public,  partner organizations, member office,  and the donor of the project.

6.    Proposed Creative Approach and Structure

The content of each video production will have three basic parts and footage will be gathered around the listed ideas under each part.

6.1. Briefly Introduce RESET Plus-YEP (Name, donor, target groups, target areas, implementer NGOs, government signatories)

6.2. Showcases brief summary of what the youth beneficiaries and other interviewees in focus impression about the outcome of each of the thematic of the project interventions under 4.2.

6.3. Showcase success  through direct beneficiary quote and end note

7.    Main Tasks of the Consultancy Firm

The consultant is expected to produce four /4/ separate videos for each zone each video lasting three /3/  minutes. The videos will have English animated subtitle.

Specific tasks will include:

7.1. Undergoing mandatory Save the Children branding orientation (two hours)

7.2. Conducting a desk review of relevant documents as provided;

7.3. Looking at and listening to the recorded interviews as many times as possible until understanding the whole intent of the videos


7.4. Preparing detail production plan for the editing process;

7.5. Developing the video script and storyboard based on the four /4/ thematic listed above under 4.2.;

7.6. Conducting interviews with senior project manager in incorporate in the 20 minutes’ documentary;

7.7. Presenting the draft film to Save the Children for review;

7.8. Incorporating all comments and submit final copy.

8.      Role and Responsibilities of Save the Children

8.1. Ensure involvement of stakeholders whenever necessary;

8.2. Provide the necessary reference documents for the consultant (e.g. project documents, recorded videos and photos with captions etc.)

8.3. Support in facilitating meetings with the relevant staffs;

8.4. Provide all necessary information as deemed necessary;

8.5. Review the draft works done by the consultant in different stages of the video production processes and provide feedback on time;

8.6. Facilitate other works as per the specified activity plan/ToR;

8.7. Effect payments of the service as per the contract agreement and on accomplishment of the task according to the service agreement.

9.      Estimated Timeline

9.1. Literature review, looking at all recorded videos by theme and submission of draft script and detailed production plan: in five /5/ working days after selection;

9.2. Final script and production plan: in two /2/ working days after receiving feedback on the draft script and detailed production plan;

9.3. Actual production and submitting draft of the eight/8/ short videos (3 minutes long) and one documentary (20 minutes): in maximum of 10 working days

9.4. Preparation of A-roll and B-roll footages of the short and long videos: two/2/working days.


9.5. Final videos: three days after feedback on the draft videos. So total time to finalize the work will be 22 working days.

10.      Terms of Payment

The payment modality will be as per Save the Children’s financial guideline and the terms indicated below. Therefore, payment shall be made in three installments of;

10.1.   30% upon submission of an acceptable draft videos;

10.2.   70% final payment upon submission of the final outputs and the A-roll and B-rolls, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from Save the Children.

11.      Ownership

The final videos and the A-roll and B-roll footages filmed for this assignment shall be the sole property of Save the Children.

12.      Evaluation Criteria

12.1. Technical Evaluation Criteria (total of 60%): suppliers which scored 35% and above out of 60% will pass to the financial analysis. Details of the criteria for technical evaluation are as follows:

12.1.1.    Understanding of the TOR (5%);

12.1.2.    Experience of the Firm in similar work (15%);

12.1.3.    Managing complex undertakings (5%);

12.1.4.    Professional team composition accounts (5%);

12.1.5.    Methodology: Innovative/creative and appropriate approach (15%);

12.1.6.    Description of clear understanding of tasks and combination of proposed methods (5%);

12.1.7.    Clear logical work plan that shows how proposed activities of the consultancy will meet the consultancy objectives (5%);

12.1.8.    Time frame-schedule. (5%);

12.2.                 Financial Evaluation (total of 40%)

13.   Cost Estimation Methodology

The cost estimation methodology of the firm has to be as clear and no ambiguities for comparing and contrasting with prices of other suppliers. The cost estimation should be based on defining cost lines and setting unit costs for each cost line. The following table will guide the cost estimation process.

Table 1-Cost estimation template


  S/N Cost Lines description (Activities) Unit Quantity Unit Cost (ETB) Total Cost (ETB)


Prepare a story board for short and long videos Unit




Produce context based three /3/ minutes long short videos with subtitles in English language Short Videos


 3 Submitting the three /3/ minutes long short videos with subtitles in English language with flash discs grouped four in to one per zone Copies


 4 Produce context based documentary of twenty /20/ minutes long with subtitles in English language and submit in Flash Disk Long Videos


 5 Submitting the twenty /20/ minutes long videos with subtitles in English language with flash discs  per zone in Flash Disks Copies


 6 Prepare and submit A-roll and B-roll footages for short and long videos in flash disk  Number


 7 Other (specify…..)        

Job Requirements

14.        Required Qualifications and Experience

14.1.      Minimum of Five years of experience working in film production;

14.2.  Extensive experience in producing development work related videos for international organizations with the aim of reaching both local and international audiences;

14.3.  Excellent technical capacity to ensure smooth and high quality production (staff and video production equipment);

14.4.  Proven record of excellent planning and organizational skills;

14.5.  Demonstrable professional writing skills.


14.6.  Experience working with Save the Children is a plus

How to Apply

15.      Submission Procedures

In the process of application, applicants are required to submit the following documents:

15.1.                Financial and technical proposal;

15.2.                Valid commercial registration certificate;

15.3.                Valid business license;

15.4.                Tax payers registration certificate;

15.5.                Company profile;

15.6.                CVs of key crew members;

15.7.                Sample of previous works of similar nature as well as full list of productions completed and in progress.


N.B. benchmark for technical evaluation will be 30% and above i.e. those who scored 30% and above in the technical evaluation will be included in the financial evaluation.

16.   Application Procedure

Interested consultants or firm can use the Terms of Reference (TOR) for this consultancy service mentioned above.

Interested applicants should submit their proposals signed and stamped in three (3) separately sealed envelopes; clearly marked “Technical proposal”, “Financial Proposal – Original”, and “Financial Proposal – Copy”.

Save the Children   Ethiopia Country Office, Near Bisrate Gabriel Church

P.O Box 387, Tel 011 3 72 84 55-61 Ext 388, Addis Ababa

Technical proposals should also include a copy of renewed Business License for the Year 2013 EC, and the curriculum vitae of the proposed professional(s) with supporting document.

Financial proposals should include professional fees based on daily rates, VAT/TOT and per diem costs, as well as other costs separately for the stated work. Price offers must be submitted in local currency – Ethiopian Birr (ETB).

All Tender Responses must be submitted either in person or through the aforementioned addresses above on October 7, 2021 at or before 10:00AM.

The Procurement Committee will open all suppliers’ proposal responses at a date and time of its own discretion.

Save the Children reserves the right to accept or reject the entire or partial part of this bid.