Grant & Subawards Manager-RiPA

Category:  Accounting and Finance
Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:  Full time

Job Description

About Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a leading global organization powered by the belief that a better world is possible.
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Position Title:   Grant & Subawards Manager-RiPA

 Duty Station:  Addis Ababa

 Open Position:  one 

 General Position Summary

The Grant & Partnership Manager is a member of the RIPA project senior management team and as such is responsible for managing the financial and operational aspects of subawards issued by RIPA, compliance with the donor regulations and working collaboratively with other program team members to ensure compliance with Mercy Corps internal policies and procedures. S/he will also lead efforts to build the capacity of local subrecipients to meet finance and compliance requirements of USAID and other donors, so that these local organizations develop professional personnel and systems.  S/he works under the direction of the Chief of Party and work closely with staff dedicated to the program – component lead, Technical manager, CLA, Finance Director, and the Operations department, and consult regularly with Mercy Corps’ MCG HQ compliance and legal departments.

Essential Job Responsibilities

I.                  Sub Awards Management: 30% of Time

II.                Grant Management: 30% of Time

III.              RIPA Partners Support: 20% of time

IV.              Compliance: 15% of time

V.                RIPA Program General support: 5% of time

I. Sub Awards Management: 30% of time

●      Participate in the development of the overall programmatic strategy and the strategy for the subawards program.

●      Work closely with consortium-level subrecipient organizations to ensure they are issuing, managing, and monitoring subawards in accordance with the RIPA subaward manual.

●      Ensure that RIPA is complying with the procedures in approved RIPA subawards manual, and that the annexes are being used as applicable.

●      Update the RIPA subawards manual as needed with input from MC HQ, assist COP with requesting USAID approval of any updates

●      Participate in the design of RFAs or APS, publication of RFAs/APS, issuing of RFA/APS packages to prospective applicants, manage the administrative process of receiving RFA/APS applicant and providing the applicants to the RFA/APS Review Committee.

●      Administer competitive RFA/APS processes in accordance with the RIPA subawards manual, with, for each RFA/APS, clearly defined and communicated steps for selecting, negotiating and awarding subawards.

●      Responsible for the review of RFA/APS applicants’ budgets and budget narratives for completeness, cost realism and compliance with RFA/APS budget requirements.

●      Responsible for pre-award financial review and other due diligence of apparently successful applicants.

●      Coordinate selection of subaward agreement type, draft subaward and negotiate subaward agreements with selected subrecipients.

●      Oversight of small grants and lead firm using Fixed Amount Subawards to private sector partners.

●      Draft modifications to subawards, as needed.

●      Review subrecipient financial reports for correctness and completeness and ensure that reports are submitted on time.

●      Follow up on all subaward compliance issues and audits and document resolutions.

●      Create and update/maintain subaward cards and enter subaward expenditure reports in Navigator.

●      Maintain subaward files in accordance with the Field Finance Manual.

●      Process subrecipient payments and reconcile subaward financial tracking to general ledger reports.

●      Responsible for subaward financial close-outs, including ensuring that all requirements of the subaward agreement have been met and that subaward funds have been properly settled.

●      Provide compliance guidance and consultations to subrecipients on a demand-driven basis.

●      Assist the program team with assessing subrecipient organizational needs, so that the subaward process strengthens the ability of local NGOs/CSOs to meet world class standards.

II. Grant Management (30% of Time)

●      Perform monthly BVA analysis for RIPA grants and provide this information to COP and Grants & Compliance Manager (GCM).

●      Prepare monthly activity/budget forecast with the support of component Lead.

●      Based on the Authority Matrix, perform consistent and standard level financial review for all documents submitted for review. During the review process, ensure that all documents are properly signed by the assigned budget holders; they are compliant with Donor policies and procedures, and compliant with Mercy Corps’ HQ and Local procedures.

●      Upon the development of Concept Note (CN), ensure that all new CN are covering the costs to the required level and assist the component technical team in the development of such budget information.

●      Together with of GCM, facilitate and organize Grant management meetings (Kickoff, review and close out meeting) with all stakeholders.

●      Follow up the VAT reimbursement claims from the field office and USAID

●      Compile Matching contribution and prepare report from other grants and subgrantee and submit for HQ

●      Prepare quarterly accrual report to submit to USAID

●      Prepare and maintain internal and donor compliance-related reports.

●      Produce quarterly and annual financial report using government template and work together with CLA team to submit for regional governments of Somali, Afar and Oromia.

 III. RIPA Partners Support: 20% of time

●      Work on the effective implementation of the USAID forward principles on the partners where this is applicable.

●      Ensure that partners do have the required programmatic as well as non-programmatic systems in place to effectively implement and monitor the RIPA project

●      Develop and conduct subrecipient financial and compliance training workshops.

●      Before the COP signs off, make sensibility checking that the fund request from the partner is appropriate and any compliance issue mentioned in form 11.5A is resolved before the funds are released or approved.

●      Develop subrecipient monitoring plans, conduct financial monitoring of subrecipients and prepare financial monitoring visit reports. Share the report to the COP, Finance team and as require the report to the IR leaders as well.

●      As required, support the RIPA project team in the coordination process of the partners related business

●      Collaborate with the Finance team, in the management of any outsourced monitoring visit on consortium and Non-consortium Partners.

●      As required, whatever form of audit happens to the partners, collaborate with the needed support from MC team members or partners.

●      As required, contribute to the revision process of any sub-award financial monitoring manual

●      Provide support for the finance team in the filling and documentation process of the partners information.

IV. Compliance: 15% of time 

●      Ensure that RIPA is executed in alignment with the prime award agreement and the applicable USAID regulations, staying abreast of changes in regulatory environment related to donor/grant compliance; update RIPA procedures as necessary.

●      Identify and communicate compliance risks associated with program implementation. Work with program teams ensure that program activities are designed to be compliant, while facilitating the achievement of the program objectives.

●      Review RIPA procurement and program transactions, contracts and other documents for compliance requirements and ensure these requirements are met.

●      Ensure timely and accurate submission of approval requests to the donor and MC HQ.

●      Prepare prior approval, waiver, and other compliance requests to the donor. Assist subrecipients, as needed with subrecipient compliance requests to Mercy Corps.

●      Provide leadership and direction regarding any grant or contract functions needed for the program’s success and to provide input on program functions.

●      Ensure the compliance tracker is up to date and reviewed with the relevant departments on a

monthly basis. 

V. RIPA Program General support: 5% of time 

●      Provide generic program support business for COP and all component leads.

●      Provide training and orientation for field team members on processes and procedures of subaward, financial policy and rules and regulation of donor, MC and government.

●      Provide specific program support business where the COP and component leads may require in agreement processing or other related aspect of the program work

●      As required, provide support and guidance for the RIPA program/Admin officer

●      Together with the component leads, follow up programmatic report submission by all partners.

Team Management

·        Develop the capacity of the team, deepen understanding of their roles and assist with career development.

·        Assist team members with information, tools and resources to improve performance & reach objectives.

·        Promote accountability, communicate expectations and provide constructive feedback informally and formally via regular one on ones and performance reviews.

·        Create and sustain a work environment of mutual respect where team members strive to achieve excellence.

·        Hire, orient and lead team members as necessary.

Influence & Representation

·        Interface with the (donor) representatives to convey information about programs as appropriate.

·        Participate in sharing best practices with NGOs and governmental agencies.

·        Consistently demonstrate flexibility, resilience and ability to maintain positive relationships and composure, even under difficult circumstances.

·        Maintain high ethical standards and treat people with respect and dignity.

·        Demonstrate an awareness of his/her own strengths and development needs. 


·        Ensure compliance with security procedures and policies as determined by country leadership.

·        Proactively ensure that team members operate in a secure environment and are aware of policies. 

Organizational Learning 

·        As part of our commitment to organizational learning and in support of our understanding that learning organizations are more effective, efficient and relevant to the communities they serve, we expect all team members to commit 5% of their time to learning activities that benefit Mercy Corps as well as themselves.

Job Requirements

Knowledge and Experience

·        A BA/S or equivalent in accounting or finance required; advanced degree preferred.

·        At least 5 years of relevant field or management experience of complex, multi-dimensional programming including administering small subawards in an international environment.

·        At least 4 years’ experience in grants management as well as an understanding of USAID regulations required.

·        At least 2 years’ international experience required; international NGO/PVO field office experience is preferred.

·        Demonstrated experience and skill with administrating solicitations for subawards, assessing potential subrecipients and the proven ability to oversee a team that is responsible for monitoring subrecipients.

·        Strong skills and experience working with donors to obtain approvals and waivers as necessary for compliance with donor regulations.

·        Prior management experience and strong organizational skills.

·        Advanced computer skills in MS Office programs, particularly Excel.

·        Effective verbal and written communication, multi-tasking, organizational and prioritization skills.

·        Excellent oral and written English skills required; proficiency in English is preferred.

·        Ability to work effectively with an ethnically diverse team in a sensitive environment.

How to Apply

All interested candidates are encouraged to apply for the position advertised.  All applications submitted to the Mercy Corps office include a CV, three references, and all relevant official documents. Applications will not be returned and will not be retained for future recruitment efforts.  In order to ensure fairness to all applicants personal inquiries are not permitted.

Only candidates that are short listed will be acknowledged and called for interviews.

“Mercy Corps is an equal opportunity employer promoting gender, equity and    diversity. Qualified female and young candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. We are committed to empower women and youth.”


Please send non-returnable applications and credentials to one of the following address:

Note: Please make sure that you mention the position title in the subject line of your email application.


Mercy Corps Recruiter

Addis Ababa: P.O. Box 14319

Arbaminch: P.O. Box 33  , Jijiga: P.O. Box 225   

Negelle Borena: P.O. Box 116

Dire Dewa: P.O. Box 974

Gambella Merc Cops Office: in person