ERCS- Somali Regional Branch, Head – Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS)

Category:  Business and Administration, Management, Social Sciences and Community
Location:  Jigjiga, Somali
Career Level:  Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)
Salary:   As per the organization salary scale



Job Description

Internal / External Vacancy Advertisement

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) wants to recruit employees in the following vacant positions the details of which are mentioned bellow.

About the Ethiopian Red Cross Society

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) was established in 1935 and is one of the oldest and largest humanitarian organizations in Ethiopia. ERCS provides services to communities affected by natural and manmade disasters through the provision of emergency responses, ambulance and first aid, family reunification, essential drugs, water and sanitation, and other humanitarian services. ERCS also runs disaster risk reduction programs with the aim of creating resilience households and communities. Currently the ERCS has a structure consisting of 11 Regional Offices, 34 Zonal Branches and 131  District/Woreda Branches, 599 Woreda Red Cross Committee  and 5871 Kebele Red Cross  committees.

Key Performance Areas

  •  Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and controls the overall activities of the Regional Branch of the Society;
  •  Ensures that the provisions of the charter and bylaws  derived thereof, policies, procedures and guidelines and decisions made by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and the leadership of the NS are effectively implemented in the Regional Branch and subordinate structures of the NS;
  •  Coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the overall activitiesof the branches; follows up and facilitates the timely preparation and submission of regular and exceptional reports by zonal branches; consolidates and communicates reports of national concern to the HQ;
  • Based on delegated power administer and directs financial and procurement activities of the regional branch; Oversees coordinates and controls zonal branches and take corrective measures if he/she deemed necessary;
  • Ensures that efficient, effective and accountable systems are in placed with in the regional and subordinate branches;
  • Ensures that materials and fixed assets of the Society found in the region are properly administered and utilized for their intended purpose; Supports, follows and monitors all materials and fixed assets of the NS found in the zonal branch offices are administered and utilized properly based on the existing rules of the NS.
  • Coordinates and consolidates zonal branch offices annual plan and budget and incorporates in to regional work plan and budget; Coordinates/ prepares the annual plan and budget of the regional branch office, submit to the HQ for approval and ensures its proper implementation;
  • Hires, administers, and fires all managers and employees of the regional branch office and ensures The zonal and woreda branch offices employees are administered based on the relevant rules of the NS; Recruits, selects, hires, transfers, promotes, terminates zonal branch head jointly with the zonal governing board;
  • Organizes, oversees, coordinates and follows up vulnerability assessment activities, intervention prioritization and project formulation activities on program areas of the Society in the Regional Branch; solicits local financing sources of program and project activities and effects intervention accordingly;
  • Ensures periodic report to national HQ on progresses and implementation of disaster preparedness and food security programs; Ensures that the operation and support functional units of the Regional Branch are properly coordinated, synchronized and synergized in their activities;
  • Establishes relations that facilitate the realization of the purposes of the Society with appropriate local partners and creates partnership, cooperation and coordination Mechanisms with relevant Regional authorities; Identify and create partnership and cooperation with local NGOs and business institutions having regional coverage;
  •  Attends conferences, meetings and courts of law that involve the branch; conducts negotiations and concludes agreements with third parties based on the relevant rules of the NS;
  • Works for the expansion of humanitarian services of the Society particularly based on relevant rules of the NS facilitates for the opening of zonal and regional branches and provide necessary support for new branches;
  • Prepares the agendas of governing Board meetings, in consultation with the chairperson of the Regional governing board, and distributes same to board members together with relevant documents;
  • Ensures the availability and proper allocation of  financial, human and material resources as well as  facilities  and that programs and  projects  are properly implemented according to the scheduled timeframe and allocated resources;Ensures that subscription contributions of the Regional Branch to the National Secretariat and other requirements incumbent on the branches are timely and effectively met;
  • Ensures that humanitarian and development activates which are planned or implemented are in line with the Strategic Plan and Program Plan of the NS and such activities are executed in line with the Fundamental Principles of the Movement;
  • Ensures that the Emblem of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society is always used and protected  at  all structural levels of the Regional Branch in accordance with the established regulations on the use of the Emblem;
  • Ensures that the overall situation, changes and new developments in his/her specific regional branch are closely monitored information is gathered and communicated to the HQ;
  • Undertakes overall capacity gap assessment on branches, designs and administers appropriate capacity building programs to zonal and Woreda branches;
  • Ensures effective communication and integration among the Regional Branch, zonal branches, Woreda branches/and HQ relevan work units as well as among work units of the Regional Branch themselves;
  • Ensures that the internal control systems established by the Regional Branch are effectively and consistently practiced;
  • Prepares and submits plans and work programs as well as budgets of the Regional Branch to the  Board and  implements same upon approval;
  • Takes effective and  efficient resource allocation decisions and undertakes  budget management for programs and projects; monitors performance progress program/project activities;
  • Makes sure that performances are evaluated against set objectives, plans and budget of the regional branch; provides directives, guidance and solution to solve problems and correct deviations/ shortcomings;
  • Ensures that both financial and physical performance reports are prepared, consolidated and submitted to the Regional Board and National Secretariat on matters of regional and  national concern respectively as per commitments and pre-established reporting framework of the Society;
  • Provides the administrative and other necessary supports to EDP outlets with in the Regional Branch; Makes sure that auditors qualified comments and corrective suggestions are timely corrected and consistently practiced;

Work Unit፡- ERCS-Somali Region Branch

Reporting to :-ERCS Somali R.Branch Governing Board and Secretary General


Terms of employment: Permanent after probationary period

Job Requirements

Qualification Requirements:

  •  Second degree/first degree in Management/ Public Administration/ Business Administration. Leadership/Disaster Risk Management/ Public Health/ Social Work/ Sociology/ Social Psychology/ Social Anthropology/ Regional & Local Development Studies/ Governance & Development Studies
  • 10/12 years related work experience, out of which 5/7 years in managerial position(s)

How to Apply

We invite candidates meeting the required qualifications to fill out the employment application form from the official website of the Ethiopian Red Cross in vacancy menu  and email to OR via postal office Ethiopian Red Cross Society Somali Region Branch P.O. Box 65 before the closing date of this announcement on Oct 16th  , 2021.

Qualified women are strongly recommended to apply!