For Consultancy Services to Translate a Lobby and Advocacy Training Manual from English language in to Amharic language at Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD), Ethiopia

Category:  Consultancy and Training
Location:  Addis Ababa

Job Description



For Consultancy Services to Translate a Lobby and Advocacy Training Manual from English language in to Amharic language  


        I.        BACKGROUND

Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) is an Ethiopian Development Organization established in 2005 and reregistered at Agency for Civil Society Organizations as Ethiopian Development Civil Society Organization with Certificate № 0321 under the Proclamation № 1113/2019. ECDD is working with other organizations to promote and facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities and disability issues in mainstream service delivery and development programs envisioning “an Inclusive Ethiopia” where persons with disabilities exercise the same rights and have access to the same services and opportunities enjoyed by other citizens.

ECDD with a financial support of The Leprosy Mission International/ TLMI-Ethiopia, is implementing a consortium project entitled “We are Able!”  in four woredas of East Hararghe zone in Oromia National Regional State, Dire Dawa city administration, Harari regional state and three sub cities of Addis Ababa city administration. The project is designed with the objective of strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Organizations for Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) in their lobby and advocacy for sustainable and inclusive access to basic resources, contributing to improved food security. To achieve its objective, the project will work through three strategically linked pathways-1) community mobilization, 2) CSO and OPDs capacity building and 3) engaging local authorities.

To create sustainable and inclusive access to basic resources, evidence-based lobby and advocacy is deployed as a strategy. To this end, ECDD has developed a contextualized lobby and advocacy training manual in English language.

With this ToR, ECDD would like to invite a consultant with a required qualification, expertise, and experience to translate the manual in to Amharic language.


II.         Objective of the Assignment: The main objective of the consulting firm/Agency work is to translate the lobby and advocacy training manual from English to Amharic language in a user-friendly, contextualized and descriptive training manual to be used by trainers.

III.        Expected text volume to be translated:  The lobby and advocacy training manual in English language to be translated in to Amharic language is about 48 pages in length.

   IV.        Role of the consultant: the selected consultancy firm is expected to carry out the following activities  


o   To assign a highly experienced and skilled translator or team of translators.

o   To translate and edit the lobby and advocacy training manual as per the quality standards and expectations of ECDD

o   Ensure high quality of translation, accurately reflecting the meaning found in the original source language and rendering that meaning in the translated work;

o   Edited with high quality and language consistency considerations

     V.        Deliverables/outputs:

o   Submission of draft translated material given to ECDD for comment

o   Submission of a draft translated manual incorporated comments from ECDD and revise accordingly

o   Submission of final translated training manual both in Soft & hard copy.

   VI.        Duration of the Assignment:   

o   The assignment should be completed within 2 weeks after signing of the contract agreement

Job Requirements

       I.        Eligibility: the translation firm/organizations is expected to have the following essential qualifications:

o   experience in developing, translating materials for government, NGO, INGO and other agencies preferably in the area of lobby and

o   Sample of previously produced/translated materials related to lobby and advocacy or other human right topics.

o   Proven ability and capacity to deliver translations to meet tight deadlines, such as the flexibility to assign additional translators to complete a project on time:

o   Translation firms/Agent should be familiar with the format and standard style used by the organization: i.e font style, font size, and line & paragraph spacing.

o   The selected consultancy firms will be expected to submit a detailed work plan and time line for the entire assignment; outline of efficient workflow and steps of the translation, editing and quality control process used, from submission of a document to delivery of the translations to the client.

     II.         MODE OF PAYMENT

Payment Installment



1st Installment

Upon signing the agreement and submission of a blueprint including work plan, methodology of the translation process


2nd Installment


Upon submission of a final lobby and advocacy training manual in Amharic language.



How to Apply


   I.        Submission of proposal:

Interested firms/Agents are requested to submit their detail technical and financial proposal along with CV(s) of the key persons, sample of relevant previous work, legal documents and other testimonials, through e-mails: or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope to ECDD office- Located behind Dreamliner Hotel Meskel Flower Road; Tel: +251-114-165859/0116-653916/or P.O.Box: 1530 Code 1250; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Only the short-listed firm with the required qualification shall be invited for the final selection process.

 Further information and queries

For any queries or further information contact on working days and during office hours Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) Tel: +251-114-165859/0116-653916 Fax: +251-114-165849 Main Office Located behind Dreamliner Hotel Meskel Flower Road.