Consultancy- Land scape analysis for the anticipated Ethiopia PHEM award

Category:  Consultancy and Training, Development and Project Management


Location:  Addis Ababa


Career Level:  Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Employment Type:  Contract





Terms of Reference

Position Title: Consultancy- Land scape analysis for the anticipated Ethiopia PHEM award

Based in: Addis Ababa

Duration of contract: Contingent upon funding

Remuneration: As per the organization pay scale plus other PSI/Ethiopia staff benefits

Application Deadline: September 28, 2021


Who we are?

Population Services International – Ethiopia (PSI Ethiopia) works with both the private and public sector in the areas of HIV/AIDS Prevention & Treatment, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Non-Communicable Diseases and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH). We use the power of marketing to make health services and products more affordable, accessible, and appealing. We are a team of more than 240 passionate people dedicated to serving a wide range of needs, goals, values, drivers and lifestyle. PSI Ethiopia identifies the most appropriate solutions to make the markets work for those in need focusing on using market and behavioral data, epidemiology and insights gathered through continuous dialogue with our targeted persona to fix the market failures that prevent people from getting what they and their families need.

One of the strategic objectives PSI identified to ensure sara’s/Sam’s need is served is strengthening the system. The health impacts of recent global infectious disease outbreaks and other disasters have demonstrated the importance of strengthening public health systems to better protect communities from naturally occurring and human-caused threats. In line with this and it’s objective, PSI is looking for opportunities to strengthening Ethiopia’s Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) system in order to create resilient system.

PSI Ethiopia is looking to conduct a rapid land scaping analysis of the national PHEM system in order to understand, the structure of PHEM, national PHEM priorities, key actors of the system, opportunities to contribution and challenges of the system in Ethiopia.  The assessment is expected to provide a glimpse of several factors and situations associated to PHEM in Ethiopia, as well as statuses and challenges faced by health service providers at different levels, (private and public). While PHC is a rather broad concept, the selected consulting individual, in close consultation with PSI Ethiopia, will need to focus on the scope that is outlined in line with the preliminary research questions.

Join us!

There are over 9,000 “PSI’ers” around the world. It’s a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals with an unusually wide range of backgrounds – from the medical industry to the music business – all with unique skills we bring to the job.

PSI/Ethiopia wants reimagine healthcare, put the consumer at the center, and whenever possible, bring quality care to the front door.  We achieve health impact in Ethiopia by working with both government and private partners and harvesting technology innovation to bring quality care closer to communities, schools, and homes.   We empower consumers by including them in the design of healthcare solutions, offering them more healthcare choices, and helping them to have a voice in influencing national priorities.  We work with all market actors in the health system to understand their needs, designing and delivering solutions so that market systems can sustainably serve consumers for the long term, helping to support the Government of Ethiopia in achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Objectives and Research Framework


The health impacts of recent global infectious disease outbreaks and other disasters have demonstrated the importance of strengthening public health systems to better protect communities from naturally occurring and human-caused threats. GoE has identified PHEM as one of the core process under MoH. PHEM is designed to ensure rapid detection of any public health threats, preparedness related to logistic and fund administration, and prompt response to and recovery from various public health emergencies. PSI/E, as one of key partner to FMoH, wants to rapidly asses the landscape of PHEM implementation in Ethiopia so that to explore opportunities and areas of support to further strengthen the system that it fulfils the objective of its establishment: “better protect communities from naturally occurring and human-caused threats” o The chart below is provided to guide concepts and themes as well as some of the research questions that need to be explored by the research.


National PHEM’s priority area/ Client Analysis MoH’s and PHEM’s  strategic objectives and hot button issues?

What larger client strategic or operational concerns should be considered?

What are priorities in the HSTP-II and beyond?

Attempt to estimate projected size and any scope insights. What additional analysis or quiet outreach can help us better anticipate project size, timing and scope?

Keep detailed notes of all calls (including timing and intel) and an annotated bibliography of all documents reviewed. Be sure to highlight any contradictory signals that might indicate pencils down.

Understanding national PHEM organization: how it is structured, key functions within PHEM, national PHEM strategies and priorities,

Understanding areas need to be strengthened and best way to provide needed support

Develop an illustrative “win themes” and a preliminary results framework (RF) or theory of change (ToC) A review of positioning frameworks, recent solicitations (If any) and other partners scopes of work/mandate, strategic documents (and known priorities) from the government for PHEM and Its sub-processess, as well as recent publicly available project documents and reports, can reveal the breadth and depth of upcoming projects. Understand scope of the upcoming project
Identify and state projections for expected win themes.

Be sure to provide detailed footnotes, endnotes and a bibliography with complete links, citations and specific page references to create a preliminary reading list annex. 

Complete Gap Analysis and known Competitor Review.  Who are the key actors under each sub processes (sub-processes which are: Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Early Warning, Response, and Recovery)?

Who are potential competitors expected to apply ?

Expertise the competitors have

Expertise needed to be competitive

Who could be potential partners to win that address any technical or operational gap

(Assess and document in table format.)

Understanding the current key actors in the system,

Identifying potential competitors and understanding their position for the upcoming project

Understanding what expertise is needed to be competitive

Identifying potential partnership that address technical/operational gaps

STEP FOUR: Preliminary Partnership Plan.  what types of partnerships will be critical to winning and why?


(outline their SOW in alignment with our gap)

To demonstrate our ability to attract, evaluate and secure strong partners to fill any technical/operational gaps identified
STEP Five: Draft Management Plan.  How should the project be managed?

What positions need to be created?

What expertise are needed? Needed talents available in the market?

Where should be the positions situated (With partners, with us…?)

To understand the potential structure of the project

To identify expertise needed to help us through the talent requisition process


Scope of Work


The selected research consulting individual will work in close collaboration with PSI-Ethiopia, main office in Addis Ababa as well as HQ. The research is expected to encompass all key players in the sector, such as government counterpart, INGOs/CSOs and donors. The research consultant will be expected to implement the activities that will be proposed and agreed on with and by PSI-Ethiopia.  The research consultant will be expected to conduct the research, collect data as well as perform all necessary data analysis and come up with a high-level research report.  Main tasks include:

  1. Develop a technical proposal that clearly shows the approaches that will be followed by the  consultant to accomplish in relation to the tasks to be accomplished.
  2. Prepare a financial proposal that will be reasonable to accomplish the tasks that are within the scope of this assignment.
  3. Plan and execute all document analysis, tool development and data collection. Provide updates and reports for each task specified in the proposals.
  4. Provide regular updates and make sure that PSI-Ethiopia is aligned on activities and plans. Maintain a communication through designated personnel.
  5. Develop a draft and final report with incorporation of the feedback from PSI-ET and global staff.

Job Requirements

Competency of the consultant


  • Thorough understanding of Ethiopian health system, PHEM in particular, and international development;
  • Good understanding of national strategic documents guiding PHEM and public health security;
  • Knowledge of government functioning at national and local levels;
  • Excellent inter-personal and teamwork skills, networking attitude;
  • Good listening, speaking and presentation skills;
  • Creativity skills;
  • Capacity to deliver as per deadlines;

What are we looking for?

The basics

  • Academic Qualifications/Education:
  • Advanced University degree in Public Health, Social studies, international development or related fields.
  • Minimum 8 years work experience in analyzing public health programs,
  • Experience in conducting SWOT analysis,

 What would get us excited?

  • Experience in data collection, analysis and presentation on strategic and policy informing issues
  • Experience in presenting strategic recommendation to guide business development plan
  • Experience working with INGOs, donors and government counterpart at national level
  • Good writing, editing, and oral communication skills in English

Evaluation of Applicants

  • Individual consultants will be evaluated based on a cumulative analysis taking into consideration the combination of the applicants’ qualifications and financial proposal.
  • The award of the contract should be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

a)       responsive/compliant/acceptable, and


b)      Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.

  • Only the highest ranked candidates who would be found qualified for the job will be considered for the Financial Evaluation.
  • Technical Criteria – 70% of total evaluation – max. 70 points:
  • Financial Criteria – 30% of total evaluation – max. 30 points

How to Apply

Are you intrigued? Apply!

By following our 3 steps application process:

1.  Fill out the application form using the following link: Online Application Form. It will only take 5 to 10 minutes.

2.  Send your CV and application letter to clearly mark “Application for Consultancy- Land scape analysis for the anticipated Ethiopia PHEM award Position” in the subject line.

3.  Check your email and make sure you receive an automatic response acknowledging receipt of your application that means your application was successful. If you don’t receive the automatic response, check again your subject line and if needed, re-submit your CV and application letter with the correct subject.

Application deadline September 28, 2021. We’ll call or e-mail you back if there is a good fit on both sides.

PSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.