Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MNCH – Guidance Association of Ethiopia – FGAE

Category:  Health Care
Location:  Addis Ababa
Career Level:  Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)
Employment Type:  Full time
Salary:  As per the scale

Job Description


Responsible  for planning , organizing, staffing ,controlling ,coordinating and  facilitating the  provision  of quality  SRH  services  at  the MNCH  center in line with the FGAE  Strategic plan as well as  established  guidelines  and standards   for  the  achievement  of  overall  service  delivery  objectives, She/he  reviews  and  makes  recommendations  to the FGAE  management  on strategic  service  delivery issues  including restructuring, quality improvement, profitability and sustainability of  the MCH center services. Responsible for the development and/adoption of Center related protocols and SOPs. Be accountable to the overall success of the MCH center objectives of FGAE as site for quality service delivery, learning and demonstration of new and innovative intervention and research activities.




  1. Plans, organizes, co-ordinates, controls  and oversees all  administrative and  technical  activities of the  MCH center;
  2. Responsible for coordinating medical and administrative teams, for achieving the facility’s mission goals, and executing the facility’s policies, systems, and agendas;
  3. Leads and /or participates in the selection and recruitment and management of the physicians, nurses, paramedics and other medical and non- medical staff as per the associations HR manual.
  4.  Initiates/adopt policy and technical guidelines with respect to the MCH  center;
  5. Coordinates and works with Clinical Service Department and  other work units to ensure that the Strategic Framework/Plan is established, implemented and maintained effectively and efficiently in a cooperative and team work spirit;
  6. Ensures that the MCH center  serves as site for learning and demonstration of new and innovative intervention and research activities by working in collaboration with the M&E and learning and training units to develop training packages, standards and conducting training programs for other NGOs, private and government sectors;
  7. Coordinate and work with resources mobilization team, SMT and other pertinent units and staffs and establish systems to sustain the MCH Center’s programs and services by maximizing efficient use of resources and implementation of income generating activities per the institutions business plan.
  8. Ensure systems are in place for maintaining the quality of all services, care and treatment provided to patients,
  9. Designating and defining duties and responsibilities of department/service heads for the clinical service and  provide support for  the administrative staffs as well,
  10. Ensuring that the center outpatient and Clinic managers and other staffs  are executing their duties and responsibilities as per their JDs and take corrective measures as per the HR manual and code of medical ethics when violations or failure to abide to the regulations and rules observed,
  11. Availing  professional  uniforms  and badges and  ensuring  that  all  staff dressing code is as per the standard
  12. Establish a means for effective communication and coordination among the Center clinical and other staffs
  13. Responsible for establishing and leading and /or overseeing  different committees as per the specialty/MCH  center standard and FGAE HR  manual for effective functioning of the health care delivery system and provision of quality ,comprehensive, and integrated and MNCH service delivery;
  14. Recommending the appointments to the clinical staff and scope of clinical privileges;
  15. Ensure smooth working relations exists with the appropriate regulatory organ;
  16. Ensures the provision of  quality   SRH  services  at the  MCH center through establishment of quality Control team/Committee and implementation and maintaining  continuous improvement system;
  17. Coach and conduct service promotion at the health facility and publicly and ensure sustainable patient/client flow
  18. Leads the resource management (Human, Financial and property)  of the MCH Center in most effective and efficient way;
  19. Developing ,building team spirit , cooperation and  ensuring healthy communications between the Center health workforce and beyond,
  20. Ensuring staff and facility are in compliance with the FMOH, regulatory body and the association regulations ,codes and standards
  21. Ensure that the center professionals are strictly adhere to the compulsory standards of the specialty center/MCH and Pediatric Center in particular to avoid sanctions/suspensions in subsequent license renewal
  22. Facilitate the outline of treatment procedures and clinical protocols in obstetrics and Gynecology based on the national protocols (in consultation with GYN/OBY specialists) and treatment guidelines and ensure their implementation.
  23. Initiates and partake in making decisions and implementation of policies that foster better patient care, provide  evidence based suggestions from experience and knowledge for the growth and development of the MCH Center
  24. Lead/ensure  and participate in the review of the performance targets on regular basis checking for productivity and identifying bottle/loopholes that are hindering high level of performances and taking timely corrective measures for better results
  25. Settle disputes between staff and management fostering mutually beneficial solutions for the overall interest of the Center and the  association as a whole
  26. Periodically supervise the center facilities and facilitates the quality improvement activities of the Center
  27. Ensures Morning sessions are regularly conducted and action points are set and implemented
  28. Ensures the existence of  program of continuous quality improvement for the service which includes regularly collecting and analyzing data to help identify health-service problems and their extent, and recommending, implementing, and monitoring corrective actions on the basis of these data,
  29. Ensures the display of : services, professionals and specialists available in the center during working hours and after working hours, including  updated lists of various lists of fees and prices,
  30. Promotion of CPD for technical staffs working in the center and ensures that all professionals practicing in the Center are professionally  licensed and/ or have timely renewed their professional license  ( including part time /sessional workers)
  31. Ensures the Preparation and submission of  periodic  performance reports;
  32. Perform other duties assigned y immediate supervisor

Job Requirements

A. Education :  MD/MPH,BCS  in health related Field ( HO/Clinical Nurse/Midwives  plus  MPH/MSC  in Hospital Management/health service Management, MSC  in Health economics with health back ground,

B. Work Experience : 6 yrs. relevance experience as MD/MPH  and years   in Hospital and/or MNCH Centre Management for MD and  years relevant experience after masters for others, of which 3 years I Hospital /MNCH center Management

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send non-returnable applications with CV and copies of credentials and other supporting documents with in 10 calendar days of this announcement to the following address.

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia

Human Resource & Organizational Development Division

P.O. Box 5716

Addis Ababa


Apply through

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

For more information about the Association, please visit